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The Longwood Engineering Company Ltd


Design, Supply and Installation of Screens and Screenings Handling equipment for sewage, stormwater and industrial effluent. Washer Dewaterers/Combi-wash and Compactors for Screenings. Control Equipment manufacturered in-house. Please visit our Web Page at: www.longwoodengineering.co.u


Mr Malcolm Morris
Silver Street

West Yorkshire

Screenings Handling - Combi-Wash the Next Generation is growing

The Longwood Engineering Combi-Wash screenings handling unit began life with the first installation at Rochdale WwTW in August 2006. Following a very successful six-month trial the product was released to the general market.

Combi-Wash customers are very happy with how it handles all the screenings that are thrown at it, with the option for normal running and storm mode the unit can easily handle up to 12m³/hr of screenings. This first Combi-Wash replaced an aging macerator system, which would regularly block and require cleaning out when dense screening flows appeared at the inlet works.

With the Longwood Engineering Combi-Wash unit the site operators can sleep deep and well on a night. Not dreading the fear of that middle of the night call out as the macerator tank has overflowed and requires cleaning.

In normal mode the Combi-Wash works as required; washing, dewatering and compacting the screenings and simply discharging into a local skip. When storm flows happen, the quality and abilities of the equipment is tested, the Combi-Wash steps up another gear. Processing the dense screenings quickly and efficiently until the storm has passed, all under the automatic control of the supplied PLC and returning back to normal operation.

Longwood Engineering have been working very hard in the first twelve months of the Combi-Wash being available. From the period of March 2007 to February 2008 they have succeeded in gaining orders for over 30 Combi-Wash units which in itself is impressive and proves just what a hit this product is with their customers.

The success of the Combi-Wash is being rewarded with inclusions on two framework agreements and three water utilities stating that the Combi-Wash is their preferred option for screenings handling.

If above points are not praise enough, then, the quality and performance of the Combi-Wash has been certified by independent testing. Following which the Combi-Wash has been accepted by and added to the WIMES approved product list.

The future is looking good, not only for the next generation of screenings handling but also for the customers making their life easier.

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