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The Longwood Engineering Company Ltd


Design, Supply and Installation of Screens and Screenings Handling equipment for sewage, stormwater and industrial effluent. Washer Dewaterers/Combi-wash and Compactors for Screenings. Control Equipment manufacturered in-house. Please visit our Web Page at: www.longwoodengineering.co.u


Mr Malcolm Morris
Silver Street

West Yorkshire

2012 - An Olympic Year for Longwood Engineering!

2012 is not just the year of the London Olympics, it's also year when Longwood Engineering celebrates 110 years of engineering history! From a small engineering workshop in a Yorkshire textile mill, the company had grown to become market leader in effluent treatment by the 1950's and has maintained this position ever since.

In 1968, Longwood patented the renowned Parkwood Screen and a few years later developed the very first screenings washerer-dewasherer, which became the generic industry name for this type of system. The 1980's was the decade of the Bar Screen, closely followed by the Rotapak screw compactor.

1993 was a defining year for Longwood, with the launch of the pioneering Escalator fine Screen, which was a response to the municipal industry move towards fine screenings. The Escalator's overwhelming success brought about Longwood's decision to move to purpose built offices and factory, where the company remains today. Seventeen years later, through Longwood's commitment to continual development, the Escalator Plus, an improved version of the original, was launched. Because the Escalator Screen was so efficient, and customer feedback extremely positive, it proved quite a challenge to improve on the original. However, improvements were made and the Escalator Plus launched with a set of new key features and benefits that have since brought about real tangible benefits to the Water Utilities Industry in terms of reducing operating costs. These include a unique self-adjusting brush and split driving sprockets, specifically designed to effectively improve maintainability and capture ratio, while reducing whole life costs. And, thoroughly tested at the Chester Le Street NSEF, an unprecedented average Screens Capture Ratio of 79% was achieved. Since 1993, a staggering 1168 Escalator Screens have been sold and installed, a real testament to the success of the screen.

The millennium year saw the launch of another pioneering product, the market leading Stormguard storm overflow screen (779) sold, followed by the Combi Range of washing, dewatering and compacting screenings handling units in 2006 (169) sold.

Longwood's latest addition to its range of products, The Elevator combined screen and compactor, in 2009, was a response to a definite gap in the market for a product that would be specifically suited to areas of smaller populations where the main issue is a lack of wash water supply. The result is a unique and highly efficient screens and screens handling unit with zero wash water requirement, that provides a 'whole solution' for smaller projects. Fully tested at Chester Le Street, the Elevator has achieved yet another unprecedented capture ratio of 76% and can be tailored to suit individual requirements or easily retro-fitted into existing channels. With minimum maintenance requirements, the Elevator has generated a huge amount of interest from many water companies, with 19 already installed.

So, what next for Longwood? There has been a sudden revival in the sales of Bar Screens, generally 'out of vogue' since the 6mm 2D technology was introduced. While the core business remains firmly rooted in fine screen technology, a number of the Big Works have recently placed orders with the purpose of giving additional protection to pumps.

Says Malcolm Morris, Longwood Engineering's Technical Director, "We attribute our on-going success to our ability to listen to and respond to the needs of our customers along with our total commitment to continual development and improvement, bespoke manufacture and flexibility to adjust quickly to project requirements as they evolve. Our customers expect us to go to them with ideas and solutions, challenge their standards, specifications and processes and work with them to achieve their objectives. This is an area where we, as a company, undoubtedly excel."

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