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We are a mid-sized, family-owned German company engaging in the manufacture of machinery and instrumentation with worldwide production, sales, and service branches. Without losing view of our regional roots, we strive for global market penetration. Regionality and globality are not mutually exclusive terms in our world. Our products and services are held in high regard by our customers. We view it as our foremost duty to uphold and cultivate this esteem. Our employees are an important factor in our success and they are a veritable pool of knowledge and expertise. We encourage and nurture their professional growth in order to help master the dynamic challenges faced in our international competitive Arena?. This in turn enables us to provide our entire staff with stable and secure employment. We are a reliable partner to our suppliers and strive to cultivate long-term collaborative relationships. We are conscious of the responsibilities we bear for the regions in which we are active, as well as for our environment. We are dedicated to heeding the interests of the common good. We abide by the respective laws across the world and avow ourselves to the practice of fair and just competition. Our systematic, continuous improvement of our resources and processes ensures that the growing needs of our business partners, employees and social environment will continue to be met into the future.




Efficient solutions for environment & energy

This slogan heads the NETZSCH Mohnopumpen GmbH presentation of its extensive range of products for the wastewater and biogas sectors at the IFAT Entsorga 2010.

The IFAT Entsorga 2010 takes place at the Messe München GmbH trade fair grounds from 13 to 19 September in Munich, Germany. This is where NETZSCH Mohnopumpen GmbH from Waldkraiburg will be showing a wide range from its products for the wastewater and biogas sectors. In addition to the TORNADO® rotary lobe pumps and NETZSCH grinding machines, the main focus is on progressing cavity pumps from this global market leader.

A particular attraction on the NETZSCH stand 137/234 in Hall A6 is the installation of a glass TORNADO® rotary lobe pump. The same model is also being used in an installation together with a NEMO® B.Max® progressing cavity pump. NETZSCH (the only manufacturer of both displacement pump systems) will be showing a system that unites the advantages of both pump types while also ensuring the best economic efficiency for the biogas sector.

The TORNADO® rotary lobe pump, as a feed pump, features low space requirements and high serviceability due to good accessibility to the pump chamber. By using the NEMO® B.Max® mixing pump, a considerably higher gas yield can be achieved by the substrate being mixed in the pump chamber already.

Another major theme from NETZSCH at IFAT Entsorga 2010 is the economic efficiency of pumps. Operating costs and costs for spare parts can be saved very quickly by choosing the right pump system. Calculated examples using a NEMO® M.Champ® and a NEMO® BY with the innovative iFD-Stator® show the impressive savings potential when compared to a con-ventional progressing cavity pump:

By combining a drive train and rotor into a rotating unit, spare parts costs for the NEMO® M.Champ® have already been saved after two major services, the costs for the entire pump have amortised after four major services.

In addition to economic efficiency, the NEMO® M.Champ® also exhibits clear benefits in terms of serviceability. The pump's construction means that the housing can remain in position while wear parts are changed in the pipeline. Apart from this, an integrated replacement stator is available at no extra spare parts costs due to its interchangeable stator.

The iFD-stator® is a highly modern and innovative dual stator system which uses the two components, elastomer stator and stator housing, separately from each other. The start-up and operating torques have been clearly lowered by this technology and the levels of effi-ciency have likewise been improved. As a result, smaller drives can be used which means that investment and energy costs are lowered.

In addition to this, NETZSCH is also presenting the aBP-Module®, an intelligent feed system for progressing cavity pumps to avoid bridging of friable or semi-solid product. The aBP- Module® comprises a hopper attachment with two internal spoked wheels close to the walls deep in the hopper which generate "mobile hopper walls", which exercise a shearing action on the product.

An adjustable speed difference between the two spoked wheels creates the necessary shearing effect, thereby reliably preventing bridging inside the hopper. The struc-tured surface of the spoked wheels further supports product agitation.

Two NEMO® C.Pro® models will be exhibited at the same time on the stand of the global market leader in progressing cavity pumps. These are the result of continuous progressive developments to the tried and tested NEMO® Mini and NEMO® M.Champ® progressing cavity pumps; they are used for conveying and dosing minimal volumes. With only six components, the NEMO® C.Pro® is unsurpassed in its economic efficiency and serviceability. Rotor and stator are easy to change with just a few manoeuvres and an Allen wrench.

The new NEMO® C.Pro® can be employed universally due to the use of resistant PU (Baydur® GS) for the housing parts and PVDF or stainless steel for the rotating unit. The models exhibited at the trade fair are all designed with an enclosed mechanical seal or with a lip-seal for pump vol-umes of up to 1,000 l/h at pressures of up to 15 bar.

NETZSCH grinding systems are used when interfering foreign substances in the fluids are to be reliably crushed in order to prevent the pipes blocking or damage to downstream units. With the M-Ovas® cutting plate macerator and the Taskmaster® twin shaft macerator, NETZSCH is presenting a selection of different grinding systems for optimum, economical reduction of solid matter in a wide range of applications.

NETZSCH will be at the IFAT Entsorga 2010 presenting its new and innovative products for the positive displacement pump and grinding machine sectors to all its customers and any other interested parties. NETZSCH will be offering the following professional lectures at the "Pumps Meeting Point" which is being organised by DdV media international in collaboration with the event organiser Messe München GmbH:

13.09.2010, 13.30
NETZSCH in der Biogastechnologie - Mischen und Fördern von nachwachsenden Rohstoffen
NETZSCH in biogas technology - mixing and conveying renewable raw materials
Thomas Böhme, Business Manager for Environment & Energy at NETZSCH Mohnopumpen GmbH
14.09.2010, 15.00
Exzenterschnecken und Drehkolbenpumpen in der Umwelttechnik - Die richtige Pumpe für Ihren Einsatzfall
Pprogressing cavity pumps and rotary lobe pumps in environmental technology - the right pump for your application
Thomas Böhme, Business Manager for Environment & Energy at NETZSCH Mohnopumpen GmbH
16.09.2010, 11.30
Drehkolbenpumpen von NETZSCH - Widerspruch oder Evolution?
Rotary lobe pumps from NETZSCH - contradiction or evolution?
Erwin Weber, Head of Business Development for Rotary Lobe Pumps at NETZSCH Mohnopumpen GmbH
17.09.2010, 11.30
Brückenbildung in Exzenterschneckenpumpen - Ursachen und Lösungen
Bridging in progressing cavity pumps - causes and solutions
Hisham Kamal, Head of Development at NETZSCH Mohnopumpen GmbH

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