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Lhoist UK produces Neutralac SLS45 high strength liquid lime designed for treating acidic effluents of all types. Neutralac SLS45 is stronger than any other liquid lime and comparable to 47% Caustic Soda solution. Neutralac SLS45 is more fluid than any other liquid lime and can be pumped and dosed easily. Neutralac SLS45 is more reactive than any other liquid lime and in practice is as fast reacting as Caustic Soda solutions. Patented manufacturing technology gives Neutralac SLS45 a highly stable, low settling formula.

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LimeLight Neutralac news from Lhoist UK

Welcome......to the first edition of LimeLight, the new, quarterly newsletter from Lhoist UK, the world's leading producer of lime products.

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Lhoist K produces the purest lime available in the K and delivers high quality lime based solutions, tailored to customers'needs.

The leading brand is Neutralac SLS45, a high strength liquid lime designed for treating acid based effluents. If you are seeking a world class, innovative approach to solving wastewater problems, talk to the Buxton-based Neutralac team and let us add significant value and expertise to your business.

Tennants Distribution

wins new distribution deal for Neutralac SLS45

One of Lhoist's original partners in the development of Neutralac SLS45, Tennants Distribution, has been appointed to handle the distribution of the product in the K.

The move is seen as a natural progression. Neutralac SLS45 product manager, Derek Thompson explained: "Tennants Distribution started working with us five years ago and helped to research possible product applications. Neutralac finally became available in the K in January 2010 and it was a natural progression to establish an exclusive distribution agreement with Tennants."

Tennants provided the logistical capabilities to meet Lhoist's needs. They had the right staff, attitude and industry knowledge. "This isn't just a commodity product and Tennants understood all the complexities involved", said Thompson.

"We recognised that Tennants was an innovative organisation that took the long term view. The company established a dedicated management structure for the project with sales staff exclusively selling Neutralac. Tennants has become an integral part of our growth plans over the next five years.

We are delighted to be able to work with Lhoist who developed Neutralac SLS45. We are very confident this completely safe solution used for the neutralisation of acidic waste will become an important product for the future. It now gives customers who generate this type of waste, a real choice whether to use traditional, but often hazardous products, or this new innovative solution," said Tennants' managing director, Andrew Mitchell.

Pet food waste gets the Neutralac treatment

Major pet food manufacturer choose Neutralac SLS45

Neutralac SLS45 has been identified as a highly effective treatment of effluent in the food Industry. It is used in a wide range of applications from pet food and dairy producers to abattoirs and general food processing.

Proven as a highly effective alkali reagent it is safer and superior to other alkali reagents and offers significant cost savings against Caustic Soda. As an address the main objectives of reducing trade effluent charges and to achieve compliance for sewer discharge, it has been successfully applied to treat many food processing wastes. A leading food manufacturer in the North of England produces a range of fried food products and needed to treat an acidic effluent stream that contained oils, starches and fats. Prior to discharge into the sea it needed to be pH neutral and comply with the Environment Agency's wastewater directives.

Neutralac SLS45 provided a significant rate of flocculation which, combined with its high reactivity improved processing capacity. By replacing the commonly used magnesium hydroxide slurry, they experienced an immediate price advantage due to better handling, dosing and storage properties. It also reduced the effects on plant equipment common with magnesium hydroxide slurry.

In 2010 a pet food processor commenced a small scale pilot trial using Neutralac SLS45.

The company chose Neutralac SLS45 as it had proved itself in improving the performance of contaminant removal in Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF) Systems. The effluent is treated with poly aluminium chloride as a flocullating agent which lowers the pH of the already slightly acidic effluent stream. pH is then raised back up by the controlled addition of Neutralac SLS45. A final dose of polymer is used to create a strong and stable floc which is then removed to waste.

Lhoist is now delivering Neutralac SLS45 in bulk using 10 tonne tankers. Derek Thompson, Product Manager for Neutralac SLS45 is pleased with the final result.

He said: "Neutralac SLS45 creates a stronger and more stable floc than caustic soda and has been highly effective in treating and removing animal fats, oil and grease. It is also more cost-effective than other alkali's, less hazardous and we can offer our customers improved performance and compliance."

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