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Lhoist UK produces Neutralac SLS45 high strength liquid lime designed for treating acidic effluents of all types. Neutralac SLS45 is stronger than any other liquid lime and comparable to 47% Caustic Soda solution. Neutralac SLS45 is more fluid than any other liquid lime and can be pumped and dosed easily. Neutralac SLS45 is more reactive than any other liquid lime and in practice is as fast reacting as Caustic Soda solutions. Patented manufacturing technology gives Neutralac SLS45 a highly stable, low settling formula. For more details contact Derek Thompson


Lhoist UK Ltd
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A Guide to Increasing Biogas output with Liquid Lime

Anaerobic Digestion and the generation of biogas for electricity production, is becoming commonplace across the UK and Europe, with a wide range of feedstocks being used, from poultry manure to household waste.

But operating a Biogas plant is far from easy.

The key is to maximise the available nutrient content of the feedstock and release as much energy as possible in the AD reactor, by breaking down complex organic compounds into simple monomers.

It is vital to maintain stable and neutral conditions inside the reactor for healthy bacterial operation, and to avoid variations in the feedstock.

The processes outlined in this downloadable guide illustrate how Biogas output can be increased by utilising liquid lime during the process on a wide range of feed materials.

Download this complimentary guide, which sets new standards in operational efficiency by illustrating:

• How to recycle 100% bio-solids and increase biogas yields
• How to achieve stable operational efficiency and income generation
• When to add liquid lime to the Anaerobic Digestion process

To download your free White Paper -'Increasing Biogas output with Liquid Lime' click here and fill in the required fields and click Download Now button.

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