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Burkert Fluid Control Systems


Burkert with over 60 years experience in fluid control systems manufacture the widest range of components available - in fact over 5000 different sensors and controllers, process valves and solenoid valves. Water, steam, chemicals or compressed air, we can supply a system to control the process. We can increase your process efficiency and save you money. Instrumentation Process Automation Control Valves Pneumatic Actuation Solenoid Valves Fieldbus


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New signal input board for multiCELL transmitter/controller type 8619 from Bürkert

The modular multi channel multiCELL transmitter/controller 8619 is an individually adjustable measuring system with extended functionalities that can be used with a wide range of different types of sensors.

The fluid technology specialist Bürkert is now expanding the modular system with a new signal input board that can be used for direct connection of up to 2 additional flow sensors via the digital inputs and 2 additional measurement devices of various types via the analogue inputs.

With the multiCELL transmitter/controller type 8619 Bürkert offers a complete, flexible system for various connections of different sensor types including functionality for e.g. dosing and control functionality. The device is ideal for many applications in areas such as water treatment or the production of foods and pharmaceuticals. The system consists of an extensive featured basic unit whose functions can be individually enhanced as needed by adding hardware boards and software modules. The new signal input board improves the system by further increasing the number of possible applications, since it is now possible to connect almost any sensor available on the market to the 8619.

Extensive support for external sensors

The new signal input board was developed to make use of the standard signal inputs that are supported by most measurement devices, regardless of the manufacturer. The plug-in board features two 4-20mA signal inputs for any type of transmitter with a suitable signal output. For example, these allow to be used for transmitters for measuring pressure, level or analytical devices such as measuring turbidity, oxygen, free chlorine, ozone, etc. To extend the possible range of sensor types these analogue inputs can be changed to work as 0 ... 5 V or 0 ... 10 V inputs (changeable by users locally). Additional application opportunities are given by using the analogue inputs as e.g. external set point. The board is also equipped with two digital NPN and PNP transistor inputs for the connection of transmitters with frequency output, such as flow transmitters, for example. Alternatively the digital inputs can be used as contact inputs which can trigger selected functions of the 8619.The type 8619 transmitter is equipped with the new signal input board at the factory as part of the overall hardware arrangement demanded by the individual application. The user just has to parameterize the inputs and to select the scaling and units as needed. All standard units for pressure, temperature, flow rate and many other types of measurements are available. In addition, a free text for a physical unit of a measurement value, such as "Brom ppm" can be defined.

Customized functional range

If needed, the multiCELL transmitter/controller can be equipped with up to six I/O boards in a free mix of board types, making it suitable for complex tasks. This is extended by in max. 6 parallel running functions, which independent from each other are selectable freely on from a valid functions list. Often used functions are already built in, just select, set suitable parameters and use it. The full flexible functionality ic completed by softwiring the function modules to the input and output modules.

Optional software packages allow additional adaptation to individual applications. Users benefit from this customized functional range by paying only for the features actually needed. Since the multiCELL is a device for many different applications and a large range of sensors, such as analytical up to flow rate measurement, the costs for employee training as well as warehousing and maintenance of different device types and variants are reduced.

Facts and data

Signal input board for Bürkert multiCELL modular multi channel transmitter/controller type 8619
•Connections for up to 4 additional sensors
•Two 4-20 mA or voltage analogue signal inputs for any type of transmitter
•Two NPN and PNP digital signal inputs for transmitters with frequency output

or to be used as contact inputs

•Optional choice of all important measuring units, such as bar, mbar, pa, psi, °C, Fahrenheit, K, m, cm, mm, ft, ppm ppb, %, l/min, l/s, m3/h, gallon/min, etc.
•Freely definable text for one unit not being included already

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