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Burkert Fluid Control Systems


Burkert with over 60 years experience in fluid control systems manufacture the widest range of components available - in fact over 5000 different sensors and controllers, process valves and solenoid valves. Water, steam, chemicals or compressed air, we can supply a system to control the process. We can increase your process efficiency and save you money. Instrumentation Process Automation Control Valves Pneumatic Actuation Solenoid Valves Fieldbus


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Burkert's New TwinPower Acuation Technology Reduces Size of Miniature Solenoid Valves by up to 54% & Energy Consumption by 75%

Bürkert's new TwinPower actuation technology has solved the problem of making solenoid valves considerably more compact, while retaining the same power output.

Compact, powerful, and energy-efficient, TwinPower actuation technology increases power density in solenoid valves by means of two coils. This innovative design is being used for the first time in Burkert's newly launched types 6624 and 6626 media-separated, miniature solenoid valves.

The higher power density resulting from the intelligent combination of two coils in TwinPower actuation systems enables the valves to be much more compact in comparison with conventional actuator solutions; crucially, without any loss of performance. For example: the power of a valve of dimensions 16 x 26 x 46mm (BxDxH) can now be packed into 10 x 20 x 44 mm envelope. This corresponds to a reduction in design space of 54%.

In addition to increased power density, the TwinPower technology also makes significant energy savings possible. Bürkert valves equipped with the technology have pulse -and-hold electronics as standard. This reduces energy consumption by 75%, 100ms after switching on. The resulting power reduction not only has a positive effect on energy efficiency; at the same time it also reduces heat emission from the valve, resulting in a reduction in heat transfer into the medium. In addition, the surface-to-volume ratio of the valves is optimised to enable the valve coils to release heat into the surrounding atmosphere far more quickly than could previously be achieved: consequently the amount of heat transferred into the medium is reduced even further.

Another feature of TwinPower is the integrated LED in the valve top showing the valve switching status. A benefit that was only optional before when incorporated into the cable plug but is now available integrated into the valve irrespective of electrical connection choice.

Smaller terminal devices for patient-oriented diagnostics

The new types 6624 and 6626 valves equipped with TwinPower technology are media-separated minimum-size solenoid valves that have been designed mainly for use in the areas of life science, clinical diagnostics, medical technology, and environmental analysis. They are characterised by high reliability, long working life, an easy-clean diaphragm concept, and a fluid technology that is easily adaptable to individual customer requirements.

For these applications, thanks to the space-saving TwinPower technology, the new Bürkert valves enable the design of consolidated devices, which are even more compact or mobile, simplifying point-of-care diagnostics in clinics or medical practices.

Both the 6624 and 6626 are direct acting solenoid valves. The 6624 is suitable for use with aggressive media in the range from vacuum to 2bar. Available in 2/2-way and 3/2-way versions, the 6624 offers the advantage of minimal dimensions: width per station being just 10- mm, with nominal orifice DN 1.6. Data for the type 6626 rocker solenoid valve will be available shortly.

The new types 6624 and 6626 TwinPower valves are the latest addition to Burkert's comprehensive range of specialist MicroFluidic products, for medical, biomedical and analytical applications. These products are playing a key role, delivering, through automation and miniaturisation, greater efficiency in existing processes (faster sequences, higher throughput, smaller sample and solvent volumes and lower costs), and enabling newer processes in areas such as genetic research, chromatography and pharmaceuticals.

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