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Isodaq Technology


Isodaq Technology designs and manufactures data loggers and telemetry systems for monitoring water and the environment at remote sites. Our award winning GPRS data loggers have been supplied to drainage authorities, water companies and governmental rivers and environmental regulators for applications including rainfall loggers, water-level logger systems and flood warning systems. We also specialise in providing turnkey hydrometric monitoring systems; our real-time flow measurement and water quality monitoring systems are also used for industrial applications to comply with UK EPR and MCERTS regulations.


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Isodaq spawns new Tadpole GPRS data logger for rain-gauges

Isodaq Technology, a division of Hydro-Logic Ltd, has launched the Tadpole GPRS data logger specifically designed to fit inside many leading tipping-bucket rain-gauges, including the popular gauge manufactured by Casella Measurement.

Tadpole has been spawned from the success of its father logger, Frog RX, which shares the same proven technology platform. The device is a battery-powered IP68 data logger with in-built GSM/GPRS modem designed for remote-site monitoring in harsh environments, providing much of the functionality expected of a Remote Telemetry Unit (RTU) but at a fraction of the cost.

For further details of Tadpole and Isodaq's range of GPRS data loggers visit :- http://www.isodaq.co.uk/page/isodaq-telemetry-loggers
For details of Casella's tipping bucket rain-gauge, visit :- http://www.isodaq.co.uk/product/casella-tipping-bucket-raingauge

Tadpole's small size and modular design means that a secondary enclosure for the telemetry equipment is not required. Both the RTU logger unit and battery pack fit under the cover of the rain-gauge and Tadpole's GPRS communications uses so little power that a solar-panel is not required.

The single D cell battery, which is field-replaceable, will power the system for up to 3 years in strong signal areas and with daily data transfer. A low-profile GSM/GPRS antennae fits to the base of the gauge and is the only part of the telemetry system which is externally visible; a pole-mounted hi-gain antennae is available for boosting signals in weak signal areas.

Storm intensity alarms can also be set-up to enable emails and SMS text alarm messages to be sent for early warning of flood events, and a low-battery alarm can also be configured to ensure that a warning message is delivered prior to the end of battery life.

There are several options available for automated data acquisition via GPRS communications, typically on a daily basis with more frequent data collection e.g hourly, activated during heavy rainfall :-
·Timeview Telemetry data bureau service on annual subscription.
·Timeview Telemetry Virtual Appliance licensed software for operation under VMWare on any network server
·DNP3 or Modbus ASCii open protocols for integration with existing SCADA telemetry servers

Further details of all Isodaq's telemetry server solutions can be found at :- http://www.isodaq.co.uk/page/telemetry-data-acquisition
The key features and benefits of Tadpole GPRS rain-gauge logger include :-
·Designed for unattended operation in harsh environments
·8 channel data logger with internal GSM/GPRS modem
·Fully waterproofed to IP68 standard
·Powered by a single-cell lithium battery for upto 3 yrs in strong signal areas (daily data transfer)
·Logger and battery pack fits inside Casella's tipping-bucket rain-gauge
·SIM card holder is accessible for easy interchange for short-term surveys
·Range of telemetry data acquisition options including web-site data bureau service

For further details of the entire range of products and solutions supplied by Isodaq Technology, visit - www.isodaq.co.uk

For further information please email Isodaq Technology

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