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Isodaq Technology


Isodaq Technology designs and manufactures data loggers and telemetry systems for monitoring water and the environment at remote sites. Our award winning GPRS data loggers have been supplied to drainage authorities, water companies and governmental rivers and environmental regulators for applications including rainfall loggers, water-level logger systems and flood warning systems. We also specialise in providing turnkey hydrometric monitoring systems; our real-time flow measurement and water quality monitoring systems are also used for industrial applications to comply with UK EPR and MCERTS regulations.


Mr Nathan Neal
Old Grammar School
Church Street

Isodaq GPRS water level loggers - monitoring remote sites from your desktop

With the costs of mobile communications falling and the costs of site visits rising, now is the time to consider switching from data loggers to wireless telemetry loggers so that you can reduce your costs as well as gain better access to your data, whenever you need it.

ISODAQ's range of low cost GPRS data loggers such as Frog RX offers several advantages :-

•  flexibility to choose the water level sensor to suit your needs;
•  reduced installation costs through innovative enclosure design;
•  fewer site visits with data delivered to your PC via the internet without leaving your desk;
•  automatic data recovery on a daily basis or more frequent e.g hourly if required;
•  pre-set alarm thresholds to warn of key events via email or SMS messaging;

A range of measurement sensor input options is available to suit any monitoring application; just connect the sensor to one of Isodaq's GPRS data loggers and start logging - it's almost as easy as plug and play! Sensor options include :-

1) Impress Sensors - depth pressure transmitters including SDI-12 for depth and temperature.
2) In Situ Inc - Level Troll or AquaTroll range of depth, temperature and conductivity sensors with built-in backup-data loggers
3) Thistle Designs - float-weight driven incremental shaft encoder suitable for large diameter stilling wells
4) Pulsar Process Measurement - non-contact IMP ultrasonic level sensor
5) VegaPuls - non-contact radar level sensor

There are also data collection options to suit either small or large monitoring networks. Our Timeview Telemetry hosted web-site automatically collects data from the outstation - no special telemetry equipment is required, just a PC with an internet connection. For integration with existing SCADA systems, the internationally recognised DNP3 open protocols are supported.

For further information please email Isodaq Technology

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