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Isodaq Technology


Isodaq Technology designs and manufactures data loggers and telemetry systems for monitoring water and the environment at remote sites. Our award winning GPRS data loggers have been supplied to drainage authorities, water companies and governmental rivers and environmental regulators for applications including rainfall loggers, water-level logger systems and flood warning systems. We also specialise in providing turnkey hydrometric monitoring systems; our real-time flow measurement and water quality monitoring systems are also used for industrial applications to comply with UK EPR and MCERTS regulations.


Mr Nathan Neal
Old Grammar School
Church Street

FROG is ready to leap into action

FROG is Isodaq Technology's new IP68 GSM/GPRS telemetry logger.

Requiring no secondary enclosure, it's easy to install inside 100mm tubes, strapped onto poles or piezometers, or inside ground-level meter-boxes. FROG is the ideal low cost outstation for generating alarms for heavy rainfall, river or urban flooding, groundwater level or quality, water distribution bursts, pollution and landfill leachate control.

Isodaq Technology is the Products Division of Hydro-Logic Ltd with an excellent track record of developing innovative state-of-the-art telemetry monitoring solutions to the water and environmental protection industries. Long-term framework supply contracts are held with both water companies and environmental regulators such as the Environment Agency, where Isodaq products are used for groundwater and river monitoring applications including flood warning.

The new FROG telemetry logger will be the latest model in the Isodaq range to fully implement GPRS communications protocols in a battery-powered device. There is a choice of either internal alkaline or long-life lithium batteries, which are both field replaceable, plus charging capability from renewable energy. Input configurations are provided for flow meters, tipping-bucket rain-gauges, analogue pressure sensors and multi-channel smart-sensors supporting the SDI-12 protocol.

Coinciding with the launch of FROG, Isodaq will be releasing a GPRS compatible version of the timeview.net data hosting website. This will enable data to be collected from small or large networks of Isodaq telemetry loggers automatically using GPRS protocols without the need for clients to maintain IT/communications infrastructure for telemetry. With the new version of timeview, users will also be able to manage alarms and SMS/email message forwarding and to change the set-up of a remote outstation without visiting the site. This greatly reduces costs and simplifies the operation and maintenance of telemetry networks.

FROG and other models can also be supplied configured for DNP3 protocols via OPC server compliant drivers. So the Isodaq range of outstations will also appeal to utilities who want to use existing SCADA systems to collect data and alarms using PSTN or GSM networks.

For further details visit www.isodaq.co.uk

For further information please email Hydro-Logic Ltd

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