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Acknowledged internationally as an authority in the design, manufacture and application of sampling and analysis systems, complete package systems are produced, co-ordinated and project managed for the power and process industries world-wide. Having been closely involved in the initial development of sample coolers and probes for boiler steam and water for power generation applications, LOWE Engineering's sample conditioning systems became the standard for all UK power stations and in turn were gradually adopted as an industry standard in many parts of the world. LOWE Engineering also design (ISO 9001), produce and project manage a range of complete turnkey, Sampling and Analytical & Emissions Monitoring Systems c/w Data Acquisition & Report Generating Software "CEMData", with standard or innovatively designed solutions covering probes, sample coolers, pressure let down, sample recovery, etc. Entirely self-contained houses fully equipped with process analysers, control and emergency shutdown systems, HVAC, lighting, recorders, annunicators and gas detection systems are designed and engineered for sampling / emission monitoring/analysis in safe or hazardous environments. Monit


Mr Tony Lister
Unit 3B Kitson Road

West Yorkshire
LS10 1NT

Lowe Engineering CEM / AMS Monitoring Solutions Provider

A fully integrated PC-based data acquisition and report generation package developed specifically for the complex requirements of continuous emissions monitoring and reporting.

CEMData has been designed for maximum flexibility combined with ease of use, implemented via a hierarchical system of access control to the following levels:

· Application set-up Project-specific assignment of measurements, alarms, status signals, acquisition parameters
· Maintenance mode On-line tools including built-in digital storage oscilloscope, assignable by software
· Supervisor mode Interpretation of legislation into report templates, set-up of all operator parameters, etc.
· Operator mode Real-time monitoring and report generation

Custom-assembled PC system to suit client's requirements, typically 256MB 2.0GHz P4, 2 x 40 GB HDDs, 48x CDROM
Operating system WindowsÒ 2000 SP2, WindowsÒ XP Pro
Integrated data acquisition and report generation software written in-house by LOWE Engineering.
On-board PC data acquisition cards, typically 32 x 16-bit Analogue inputs + 32 digital I/O per card.
Very wide range of acquisition cards to suit all applications, including high-density digital I/O.
Analogue and digital output signals as required - number of cards limited only by capacity of PC and/or auxiliary chassis.
Serial data I/O via RS232 ports.
RS485 data I/O via MODBUS ASCII and/or MODBUS RTU as MODBUS master or slave.
TCP/IP data I/O via LAN/WAN using Ethernet (MODBUS/TCP).
CEMData client/server workstations networked via LAN/WAN using CEMBUS (TCP/IP).

Data security and backup
CEMData runs automatically on power-up. A watchdog timer alerts DCS or SCADA of system failure.
Cost effective options include write-only archive on second hard drive, mirrored drives or RAID array.
Data stored in secure binary format, system security to US Dept. of Defense level C2.

Data handling
CEMData maintains three rolling data archives of data, each widely configurable for frequency and archive length:
· Real-time data typically written every 1-2s, over-written after 1 hour
· Semi-historical data typically written every 2-10s, over-written after 6 months
· Main archive typically written every 1min, over-written after 10 years - used for all report generation

Time and date representation
All times are stored and displayed in UCT (=GMT). Internal representation uses the FILETIME structure, a 64-bit integer representing the number of 100ns intervals since 1/1/1601.
Synchronisation to national/international atomic radio clock or via LAN/Internet.

Report generation
"One-click" report generation to user-generated pre-defined report formats
Fully automatic report generation and printing with flexible options for date/time logic
Printer and printer set-up options stored with each auto-report
Custom reports on demand using pre-defined report formats or freely formatted by the user
Auto-emailing facility for immediate alerts
Web-browser facility

Historical data display
Powerful zoom feature for on-screen display of all semi-historical data over any interval up to 24 hours

Real-time display screens
Unlimited number of user-configurable displays with charts, tables, digital meters, annunciators for all real-time data.

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