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Red Forge Ltd are market leaders in the field of Axle Load Indication and On-Board Weighing systems. From simple overload protection for Light Commercial Vehicles and Heavy Goods Vehicles, through to highly accurate pay-by-weight solutions, Red Forge can provide a suitable system for the needs of your fleet. Whether you require weight readings for audit or invoice purposes, or to ensure legal compliance with regard to the loading of your fleet, we are here to help. Overloading is a serious issue, leading to fines and penalties, as well as additional damage to a vehicle. In the eyes of the law overloading is an absolute offence . Almost all products are manufactured in house, and we try to source all our components as locally as possible. We are ISO 9001-2008 certified to ensure high standards of quality. We take pride in not being a fit and forget company, and put our customer service to the fore. Our customers have learned to rely on us for both straightforward advice and first rate aftercare. We will be happy to discuss any vehicle weight issue you may have, and help you solve your problem.


Mr Phil Bridge
9 Palmers Road
Moons Moat East
B98 0RF

Wiltshire Council receiving fourteen 26 Tonne RCV's with the Red Forge 'Omniweigh' loadcell based weighing systems

Wiltshire Council is currently in the process of receiving fourteen 26 Tonne RCV's fitted with the Red Forge 'Omniweigh' loadcell based weighing systems.

Wiltshire specified Red Forge as part of their tender, which was won by well known bodybuilder Dennis Eagle, who then performed the installation of the cells during their build program. Red Forge wired in and commissioned the weighing system after build at their workshops in Redditch.

The Omniweigh offers an effective yet simple display, which shows gross and net weight values. Data capture can be achieved into the memory unit built in, which has space for up to 250 separate readings. Data removal is simple, either by use of an optional thermal printer or USB Memory stick. For remote data capture, all of Red Forge's current systems come equipped with Vehicle Telematic System (VTS) compatibility, meaning that they can be linked through a vehicle telemetry system to provide payload information direct to the office.

With regards to hardware, all of Red Forge's loadcells are temperature compensated, meaning that there are no fluctuating readings for early winter mornings or hot summer days. This is a feature which has yet to be adopted by many other systems on the market. To our knowledge, no other comparable system has as many features built in as standard.

Most exciting of all, the Omniweigh also now has Axle Load Prediction software that will estimate the overload point on the front and rear axles to within 2% of the axle tolerance. Overloading makes a vehicle less stable, can invalidate your insurance, and increases the wear and tare on the tyres, suspension and on the road itself. It will also adversely affect braking and steering. All of this increases maintenance costs for the upkeep of the fleet. From the opposite point of view, under loading a vehicle affects profitability, meaning additional trips and therefore costs that could be unnecessary.

Punishment for overloading is usually in the form of fines, with driver on-the-spot penalties of up to £200. However, the company itself can also be hit with fines of up to £5,000 per offence. This can mean that a 7.5T vehicle can potentially generate fines of up to £15,000 in a single case (one fine per axle, plus one for the gross). Repeat offenders may well see their Operators License taken away.

The Road Traffic Act 1988 states that driving a dangerously overloaded vehicle carries a maximum two years imprisonment. In the case of Corporate Manslaughter caused through an overloaded vehicle, not only the driver but also the supervisors and even directors of a company can be held responsible, due to their 'Duty of Care' as per the Health and Safety at Work Act 1999. According to its Effectiveness Report 2005/6, VOSA stopped nearly 75,000 vehicles for overloading in that year, and over a quarter of these were issued with prohibitions.

Some facilities now have weighbridges to ensure that their vehicles are within tolerance, but in the case of deliveries, i.e. with a diminishing load, the centre of gravity in a vehicle can shift causing an axle to become overloaded suddenly and without warning. Many people think of this as a see-saw effect, and operators often try to use the defence that 'it was ok when I left the depot'. Unfortunately, this is a statement that seems to carry little 'weight' with the authorities!

From the above, it is clear to see how an Omniweigh system can help to ensure you know exactly what weight you are carrying, and just as importantly, where on the vehicle you are carrying it!

For further information contact Red Forge on 01527 526112, e-mail to sales@redforge.co.uk or see or website www.redforge.co.uk"

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