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ADAS provides ideas, specialist knowledge and solutions that secure our food and enhance the environment. Our core disciplines of crops, livestock, environment and waste focus on the interaction of man with the natural environment to ensure its future sustainability. ADAS' strong science base combined with a range of highly experienced consultants gives us a unique mixture of insight and practical experience which allows us to deliver the real and sustainable solutions our clients need. The integration of our core agricultural, land, resource and environmental management skills means we are closely aligned with the key issues facing our clients - food security, climate change, environmental compliance and the sustainable use of resources. ADAS' great strength is the breadth and depth of expertise demonstrated every day by more than 600 specialists operating from a network of offices and research sites throughout the UK and Ireland. We are a national company with local knowledge that is flexible and responsive to our clients' needs. This is supported by all of the health and safety, environment and quality systems you would expect of a key player in the agricultural and environmental industries. This combined with our strong, independent and recognisable brand, means you are in a safe pair of hands. Hands that have a hard-earned reputation for delivering solutions that benefit the environment and improve our clients' business performance.


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Environmental consultancy ADAS has been chosen as an approved UK consultancy partner for the Carbon Disclosure Project

The Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP), a major international initiative set up to promote awareness of climate change impact and collect relevant data, has chosen ADAS, the UK's leading environmental consultancy to join their global alliance of businesses working towards a unified response to climate change.

CDP accepts a limited number of partners to join their consultancy programme each year, an affirmation of the very high standards to which ADAS work and its exceptional reputation in the industry.

To meet CDP's criteria, ADAS had to demonstrate a commitment to working with the project to encourage high quality disclosure of climate change related data from global corporations and provide references from CDP responding companies.

CDP requires more focus than measurement and target setting; crucially the organisation looks for actual achievements in emissions reduction. Businesses who work with CDP are challenged to focus on ownership of key decisions and ongoing reviews of the strategies they have employed.

Paul Dickinson, Executive Chairman with CDP said: "We are very pleased to invite ADAS to join the CDP consultancy partners programme. Their leading edge work on carbon footprint analysis and devising solutions to problems caused by climate change dovetails well with our ethos and objectives. I am delighted to welcome them as a CDP UK consultancy partner."

The CDP is regarded as a highly effective mechanism that encourages organisations to think in detail about their Green House Gas (GHG) emissions, the risks associated with climate change, the strategies to deal with these risks and preparations for a low carbon future.

A large part of ADAS's work focuses on assessing carbon footprints of products and organisations helping to identify carbon hotspots in production processes and supply chains and working to improve risk management and the communication of GHG emissions improvement strategies.

Richard Laverick, Director of Corporate Sustainability at ADAS said:
"ADAS is very proud to be a partner of the Carbon Disclosure Project, being chosen is an endorsement of the expertise and capabilities we have in helping organisations across a wide range of industries and sectors respond to the challenges of climate change.

"As a business we have made great progress with organisations and have established the foundations for reliable reporting and action. We can demonstrate a very real understanding of the issues organisations face as they battle to comprehend the extensive impacts of climate change and how best to respond and adapt."

Enabling greater understanding of emissions by everyone has been a positive motivator across ADAS.

As part of this efficiency drive ADAS invested resources into the development of an intranet site which allowed everyone within the organisation to see in detail GHG emissions data for the whole of ADAS. While a time-intensive resource for the in-house team to develop, once operational it has enabled people to think about carbon issues seriously.

This has led to changes in behaviour specifically concerning business travel and teleconferencing, energy usage and overall operational efficiency. It has enabled stakeholders to visualise the problem and encouraged responsibility and importantly it has helped to make the returns to CDP an easier process.

Richard continues:
"The CDP has an excellent framework, their process addresses identification of risks and opportunities, awareness of Scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions, responsibilities, reports and monitoring targets and importantly actual achievements."

"Becoming a CDP partner demonstrates our long standing relationship with the project and the benefits we ourselves feel have accrued from making an annual return to the CDP."

You can find a link to the ADAS case study available on the CDP website.

For further information please email ADAS UK Ltd

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