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Q.E.D. Environmental Systems


QED Environmental Systems design, manufacture and support environmental technology solutions for groundwater, soil and gas management applications into industrial, environmental and energy markets worldwide. Its corporate headquarters are in the USA which support the North, Central and South American markets. QED’s International office covers Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Asia-Pacific. The company’s focussed vertical markets include remediation, landfill, biogas, medical and food and beverage. QED has an extensive network of established international distributors, enabling it to provide its products, services and support in a local language to over 60 countries throughout the world. QED also has a strong portfolio of acquired product brands including Geotech, Landtec and Viasensor gas analysers, En Novative Technologies soil sampling products and Snap Sampler groundwater sampling solutions.


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Accurate Gas Level & Flow Measurement for Thousands of Readings

GI's new portable gas analyser designs are based on user experience, new research with customers and future Environment Agency directives.

The demanding task of monitoring landfill gas accurately is now much easier. Users of newly enhanced handheld gas analysers, launched this month, from Geotechnical Instruments (GI) have had all of their researched requests met. They can store up to 2000 readings from 1000 sampling points of six gases, with temperature, pressure, velocity or flow. For each sampling point users can preset gas concentration levels to sound alarms prompting immediate reporting.

Each user logs in with a password so every reading is attributed. That is part of the new secure data-log audit trail. It extends from the field unit to high-speed PC download with GI's new gas analysis management (GAM) software. GI's new landfill GA2000 and GEM2000 gas analysers are £3500-4500 each, depending on specification and quantity. The new GAM software is £450 a copy, training is £500 a person and £320 for 6-monthly calibration.

To help users the units can be optionally user-calibrated with an event log capturing data from 1000 calibration or other events. This information can be used to validate readings and check performance during six-monthly manufacturer calibration and service. To protect and transport these high-precision instruments for routine calibration, GI now supplies them in toughened, hard carry cases.

A shortened 10-day delivery of customised gas analysers is another plus from the complete design upgrade. Once built, the units offer users great flexibility in user setup for their particular application which they can change when they choose.

Users on site at sampling points in all weathers see screen-displayed information that is simple to page through, naturally intuitively and makes requested date input easy.

For use beyond the UK and USA in English, customers also have four other language choices; German, French, Spanish and Italian.

Following a 1-year's research and development GI trialed and beta-tested four of the new units with existing landfill operation customers. Their response was very positive.
The four said,
"It is very accurate. More stable than before." "Far easier to use."
"Good response time." "Very easy to use." "Excellent internal flow."

Further details of the ATEX-certified GA & GEM 2000 Plus enhancements include: -

· An optionally selectable and alarmed residual nitrogen (N2) calculation,
· A prompt to check if an internal flow measurement is need when sampling,
· Carbon monoxide (CO) level alarm at borehole sampling to alert of fires
· Hydrogen sulphide (H2S) measurement up from 200 to 500ppm
· An internal data log for 1000 events
· Improved accuracy with internal flow measurement of low-volume migration gas
· A choice, pre-manufacture, to measure either gas velocity or gas flow


GI consulted customers and users; landfill operators, managers, inspectors and consultants and researched their requirements. From the Environment Agency, GI learned of impending legislation and future directives and guidelines. They also noted trends in the USA which indicate likely developments in UK, Europe and worldwide.

Customer Research

Customers said they wanted alarms to go off during sampling at a borehole if levels of carbon monoxide (CO) passed pre-set levels - to warn of possible fires. They also wanted data security and audit-trail validation so data could not be lost or changed from sampling to downloading into the GAM software. In addition they said they needed quicker user calibration and to maintain an internal log of the event and its details. They have got it all - and more as the new analysers are user customisable to meet widely varying needs.

R&D - Environment Agency

Future requirements of the Environment Agency are widely understood to include strict security and integrity of collected and stored measurement data. This includes data transfer to PCs for further analysis and review. Clear audit trails showing who collected data and from which sampling point also need to be secure. Additionally, an event log of all user calibrations by gas maybe necessary.

With its new data log and GAM software, GI's new GA 2000 Plus and GEM 2000 Plus ranges provide secure, tamper-proof and safe transfer and storage of all collected data.

The event log holds details of each self-calibration or user calibration which provide confirmation of accurate measurement to go with each set of measurement data.

User comments

Landfill gas technician, Andrew Brooker at Infinis, part of Terra Firma, said, "With the expanded data log memory on the new GA 2000+ gas analyser we can collect all the data we need without having to download during the day. That's brilliant. It means for example at our Arpley landfill site, Warrington, with over 500 gas wells we can collect readings from different sections of site without interruption. It also means we can permanently store details of the 1100 monitoring points that we have in the Northwest of England." In the North West Infinis covers ten sites, of which seven, including Arpley, are power from landfill gas sites.

Speaking about the field trial of the GA 2000 Plus, Ciaran Whittall from monitoring specialists Argus Landfill Monitoring, said, "The new generation GA2000Plus seems more stable and accurate than the older 'Plus units. This is particularly noticeable when measuring carbon monoxide (CO) and that is very important to us. We also like the increased memory which is excellent for the thousands of readings we take." This followed a two-week trial across some of the most active landfill sites in the UK.

Contact Details: Steve Billingham, sales & marketing director Tel: +44 (0)1926 338111
Geotechnical Instruments, Sovereign House, Queensway, Leamington Spa, Warks CV31
Web: www.geotech.co.uk E-mail: sales@geotech.co.uk

For further information please email Geotechnical Instruments

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