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Spaans Babcock Ltd


Spaans Babcock designs, produces and installs equipment for waste water treatment plants, water management and power generation. Equipment includes but is not limited to Archimedes Screw pumps and associated equipment, aeration equipment (surface & brush aerators), screens & screenings handling equipment, Penstocks and flow control devices and more recently power generation using the screw generator as a hydrodynamic screw.


Mr Mark Brown
305 Phoenix Close

OL10 2JG

New role for Spaans Babcock Archimedes screws generating electricity

In a world where durable energy and alternative energy resources are becoming more and more important, Spaans Babcock is also creating solutions to use natural resources to obtain energy. The screw generator has now been introduced successfully worldwide.

The screw generator is being installed as a standalone generator. In this application the water flows downwards through the screw. This downward flow in turn causes the screw to rotate turning the generator thereby producing energy. This energy can be used locally (i.e. within a water treatment plant, factory or dwelling) or can be sold to an energy company - often at a premium price.

The new product has already been successfully installed at a number of sites in the United Kingdom. Spaans Babcock has already supplied one of the largest screw generators in the world; the twin screws generate up to 180 kW with a head of 10 metres. Over the next few months several more installations are scheduled worldwide.
Due to the environmentally friendly aspect and ability to be used in locations with relatively low head, the screw generator is proving to be an interesting way to generate durable energy.
The screw generator is very reliable, requires minimum maintenance, is fish friendly and a highly efficiency product.

Screw generators can be used in any situation with water flows and height differences, i.e. rivers, industrial effluent plants, within or at the outlet from water treatment plants.

Please have a look at our website www.spaansbabcock.com for more information or contact us at 01706 627 770.

For further information please email Spaans Babcock Ltd

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