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Adler and Allan Group companies provide a range of complementary services to the oil and environmental management sector. Through steady growth and strategic acquisition, the Group has expanded to become one of the UK's key industrial service providers, with a nationwide customer base and world-leading capabilities. Adler and Allan is the market leader in the provision of rapid response services to industry. Through an unmatched network of bases, the company can respond quickly and effectively to customer requirements from fuel deliveries and tank servicing to managing major turn-key installation and dismantling projects, and disaster recovery situations. For full details of our services please call free on 0800592 827 or visit our website


Mr Alan Scrafton
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'Sockit' Solves Oily Water Contamination

From dirty to clean in one easy process, Adler and Allan's Sockit cleans contaminated water as its being pumped away.

Adler and Allan have launched 'Sockit', an innovative oil contaminated water filtration system with significant economic and environmental benefits.
The Sockit filtration system is one of the most simple and economical ways of dealing with oil contaminated water being pumped out of oil tank bunds, trenches, manholes, vaults, sumps, retention ponds and ditches. It uses multi-stage filtration to remove hydrocarbons and sediment to almost non-detectable levels. Extremely efficient, it can be used in a wide range of de-watering applications without slowing up the pumping process, and is reusable and recyclable.
Adler and Allan's Sockit filtration system means that you don't have to take contaminated water away by tanker for cleaning elsewhere. It also means that you can avoid releasing contaminated water into the environment. Offering both cost savings and a way of reducing tanker traffic and pollution risks, Sockit is especially attractive to companies registered for BSN EN ISO 14001 certification.
It uses multi-stage filtration to remove hydrocarbons and sediment to almost non-detectable levels. Sockit achieved excellent results in tests undertaken by Severn Trent Laboratories to UKAS and MCERTS standards, all without impeding the pumping process. Sediment removal efficiency using Sockit far exceeds the regulatory goal, with an average 99% attained in tests. The filtration system removed oil to a non-detectable level and no oil sheen was visible, filtering heavy oil contamination down to 2.31 mg per litre.
In summary, A&A's Sockit is:-
·Portable, simple and quick
·Reusable and recyclable
·No need to tanker water away
·Lowers risk of pollution
·Versatile solution for de-watering many holding systems: - manholes and vaults, - sumps and bunds, ponds and ditches and separators (interceptors).
For more details call Adler and Allan on 020 8555 7111 or visit our website www.adlerandallan.co.uk

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