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Adler and Allan Group companies provide a range of complementary services to the oil and environmental management sector. Through steady growth and strategic acquisition, the Group has expanded to become one of the UK's key industrial service providers, with a nationwide customer base and world-leading capabilities. Adler and Allan is the market leader in the provision of rapid response services to industry. Through an unmatched network of bases, the company can respond quickly and effectively to customer requirements from fuel deliveries and tank servicing to managing major turn-key installation and dismantling projects, and disaster recovery situations. For full details of our services please call free on 0800592 827 or visit our website


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Sockit saves you up to 75% on your contaminated water disposal costs

Adler and Allan's Sockit is an innovative filtration system with significant economic and environmental benefits.

·Portable, simple and quick
·Reusable and recyclable
·No need to tanker water away
·Less risk of pollution

The new Sockit filtration system is one of the most simple and economical ways of dealing with contaminated water being pumped out of manholes, vaults, sumps, bunds, retention ponds and ditches. It uses multi-stage filtration to remove hydrocarbons and sediment to almost non-detectable levels. Extremely efficient, it can be used in a wide range of de-watering applications without slowing up the pumping process.

Good for your business and good for the environment
The Sockit filtration system means that you don't have to take contaminated water away by tanker for cleaning elsewhere. It also means that you can avoid releasing contaminated water into the environment. Offering both cost savings and a way of reducing tanker traffic and pollution risks, Sockit is especially attractive to companies registered for BSN EN ISO 14001 certification.

Sockit technical features
The Sockit technology consists of an innovative, multi-layered filtration system contained within a 3000mm long and 500mm wide recyclable plastic sock. It is designed to optimise filtration without reducing flow rates.

Each sock is designed to hold 10 - 15 litres of heavy oil, and to filter sediments down to very fine particle sizes. Independent performance testing shows that the filter removes oil to a non-detectable level, with no visible sheen, and also removes 99% of sediment. Sockit comes with full instructions and is very easy to operate. It can be moved around the site as needed. It rolls out and can be used several times until the sock is full. It is then rolled up, sealed in a clean, leak-proof package and secured inside a plastic bag. Adler and Allan will then collect and dispose of it if requested.

Sockit is supplied with a hose tail multi size connector ranging from 1" to 2". Sockit is designed to filter low levels of contamination. For levels above 5,500 mg per litre you should contact Adler and Allan to have the water removed by vacuum tanker - another service we offer.

Independent performance test results
Full-scale independent tests have validated the efficiency of the Sockit system for both oil and sediment removal. Tests were carried out in 2010 in the USA by the independent laboratory, TRI Environmental Inc. Further tests were conducted in October 2011 by the independent testing house, Webs Ltd, with results analysed by Severn Trent Laboratories under the UKAS and MCERTS schemes.

These tests were designed to simulate the pumping of sediment and hydrocarbon-laden water from underground chambers through a portable filter system in order to remove most sediments and oils prior to discharging the filtered water.

Testing objectives
The objectives of the trials were to establish the retention levels of oil and suspended solids and the quality of the filtered effluent from the filter system when filtering water contaminated with a pre-determined level of hydrocarbon and soil.

Test methodology
An IBC (1,000 litres) was filled with tap water. The water was mixed with topsoil and diesel and pumped through the Sockit filter using a submersible pump placed in the IBC.

Samples were taken at intervals of 250, 500, 750 and 1,000 litres. Samples were analysed for oil in water (>C6 - C40) and TSS (total suspended solids) by Severn Trent Laboratories to UKAS and MCERTS standards.

Results: hydrocarbon efficiency
The Sockit filter removed the oil to a non-detectable level and no oil sheen was visible. Each filter is designed to hold up to 10-15 litres of heavy oil ( >C 50 +) and 3-5 litres of light oils (>C6 - C40). In tests where the high level of hydrocarbon was measured at 5,500 mg per litre, Sockit filtered the contaminated levels down to 2.31 mg per litre.

Hydrocarbon test results
The results show that Sockit is a highly reliable and effective filter system for Hydrocarbon removal.

Results: sediment removal efficiency
The regulatory goal for sediment removal efficiency is typically 80%. Anything above that is considered excellent. As shown below, Sockit far exceeds the regulatory goal, with the average for the test being 99%.

Pumped flow rates
During the independent test the flow rate was measured to quantify the reduction in rate. The flow rate for the pumped effluent was measured by recording the time it took for the water level to drop in the IBC. The free flow rate for the pump, with no filter attached, was measured at 7.45 m3/hr. The flow rate when the filter was attached was up to 6.85 m3/hr. These tests confirm that Sockit has a high flow rate and does not impede the pumping process.

Discharge Guidelines
All waste must be handled, stored and disposed of correctly to avoid pollution. Waste oil is designated as hazardous/special waste and as a waste producer and holder, you are responsible for complying with the Hazardous Waste (England and Wales) Regulations 2005, the Special Waste Amendment (Scotland) Regulations 2004, or the Hazardous Waste (Northern Ireland) Regulations 2005.

You may need to register as a producer of hazardous/special waste, and you should refer to the Environmental Agencies websites for guidance. You must follow the Duty of Care Code of Practice. If you are going to make a discharge to surface water (for example a river, stream, estuary or the sea), or to groundwater (including via an infiltration system) then you may need to apply for an environmental permit to make that discharge.

The Sockit service
It could hardly be simpler. We deliver Sockit directly to your site and you can use it immediately. If you need to move the equipment around, that's no problem as it's portable and comes with its own two-man carrying case. When you're done, you call us and we collect it. We can supply Sockit and pumping equipment for single incidents, or we can provide a full installation and maintenance contract for all your environmental waste needs.

Sockit is an innovative filtration system with significant economic and environmental benefits.

· Portable, simple and quick
· Reusable and recyclable
· No need to tanker water away
· Less risk of pollution

· Versatile solution for de-watering many holding systems:
- manholes and vaults
- sumps and bunds
- ponds and ditches
- separators (interceptors)
For more information, please call Adler & Allan on 0800 592 827.

For further information please email Adler & Allan Ltd

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