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Biofuels - Water is the Enemy

All those in the fuel distribution and storage industry know that legislation on biofuel will take effect from January 2011, bringing with it a new approach altogether in fuel product maintenance.

But are you aware that water is the biggest enemy to product quality, capable of causing severe disruption to fuel stock and your operations.

We have to assume contamination from water content will happen; we cannot take chance that it won't.

Water has three adverse effects in fuel systems. It does not burn in the engine, can potentially freeze at low temperatures and, most importantly now, it provides an environment in which micro-organisms from the bio-components can grow.

As a consequence, if the fuel water interface reaches the fuel draw level, water will be dispensed into vehicles. Water promotes micro-organic growth, the formation of emulsions, rust and corrosion.

Maintaining low fill volumes will increase the percentage of free water and bring about a number of problems.

How does water get into my fuel?

Water can enter your tank through:

  • Tank Leak
  • Loose Fittings
  • Condensation
  • Moist air displacement through the vent

  • Consequences if don't act now

    If any water present in your storage and distribution chain, reaction with bio fuels may cause:

  • Fuel storage problems
  • Blocked filter
  • Vehicle and plant breakdown
  • Customer complaints

  • So you need an action plan now!

    This plan should include fuel sampling. Find out now whether water/sludge present and deal with it.

    Make sure that any sampling is carried out in a way that obtains a truly representative sample of fuel for contamination identification purposes. This is a specialist job that requires the appropriate equipment, training and expertise.

    Action Plan Points:

  • If contamination is present, there are well-tested tank cleaning and fuel polishing options available
  • Audit facilities for bio fuel compatibility (valves, seals, metals etc)
  • Test tanks/lines for integrity
  • Develop ongoing planned preventative maintenance programme

  • How to implement and action plan?

    Employ a specialist contractor for more detailed advice and on-site assistance and act promptly on their recommendations.

    All the evidence we have accumulated as a specialist fuel solutions provider points to early proactive sampling and fuel and tank cleaning minimising problems in the future.

    Biodiesel in gas oil is seen as a concern by some but if the learnings from blending diesel into road fuel are adopted, particularly housekeeping, then problems should be minimised.

    E-mail sales@adlerandallan.co.uk for a FREE copy of our fuel polishing demonstration DVD and a detailed presentation on biofuels, the industry's challenges and solutions.

    For further information please email Adler & Allan Ltd

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