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Wilo UK Ltd


Wilo SE with its headquarters in Dortmund is one of the world's leading manufacturers or pumps and pump systems for heating, air conditioning and cooling technology, as well as for water supplies and sewage treatment and disposal. The company has over 65 subsidiaries and over 7,000 employees. The economic supply to buildings increasingly demands the use of innovative systems from optimally configured components. Whether in a detached or semi-detached home, industrial, commercial or public buildings, hospital or hotel.


Mr Morgan Warren Ross
Second Avenue, Centrum 100

Burton on Trent
DE14 2WJ


Renowned for developing new, workable solutions in the pumping arena, Wilo has introduced its latest response to the changing requirements of wastewater and sewage transportation.

Complex requirements require simple solutions, and that’s where Wilo comes in. In applications where for wastewater treatment, there is a move towards more solid material and less conveying fluid, an increase in the proportion of grease due to changes in eating habits and the arrival of additional solid materials due to the use of tear-proof paper towels, a new generation of submersible pumps is required to take up the challenge. The Wilo-Rexa FIT and the Wilo-Rexa PRO provide the solution. Two submersible pumps – one principle.

Based on a modular principle that reduces the number of main components – motor, hydraulics and accessories – the design of these new pumps creates an extremely flexible system. Both systems feature optimum harmonisation of the motor and hydraulics, high reliability of all components and vitally in this day and age, low energy consumption.

The Rexa FIT is a portable, inverter ready, impact resistant, low cost solution designed for intermittent operation in buildings and site drainage applications. Ideally suited to drainage and sewage removal from sumps and any applications where portability is key, it’s fast and reliable and ready to be plugged in and used at a minutes notice. Simple handling along with its economical design and stainless steel motor housing make it the ideal solution for a portable submersible pumping unit.

The Rexa PRO is a professional system made to water authority design criteria, for individual applications and it’s configurable according to specific requirements. It’s a heavyweight version, designed to provide the disposal of discharge water, wastewater, drainage or sewage from pumping stations, sumps and basins. It has been extensively utilised to pump out rain spillway basins and is being used for intermittent and continuous operation in wastewater treatment plants. It features reliable vortex hydraulics with large ‘free ball’ passage for operation that is non-susceptible to clogging. It’s a heavy duty design that is relevant for nearly all applications. It is available with energy-efficient IE3 motor technology, and it’s designed as a response for permanent operation, made entirely in cast iron, with a higher thermal capacity for dense sewage.

Visit www.wilo.co.uk for more details or call 01283 523000.

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