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Stem Drive Ltd manufactures and installs patented fluidic mixers for mixing and aerating liquids and slurries in the chemical, process, food manufacturing, and water and effluent treatment industries. · Submerged aerators / mixers The patented STEM Drive fluidic aerator / mixer is designed for systems requiring both aeration and mixing. Manufactured from stainless steel, the aerator / mixer is suitable for use with sludges and industrial effluent. As the system uses no moving parts within the media being aerated / mixed, and the power source is outside the tank, maintenance is kept to a minimum. · Sludge aeration Systems are suitable for aeration / mixing to control odours and eliminate stratification within sludge. Air or gas is used as the prime power source. The mixers are fully submersible, require practically no maintenance, and are suitable for use in arduous and hazardous environments. · Sitework Systems are easy to install, and can be fitted without emptying tanks, eliminating the need for plant shutdown. As no moving parts are used within the tank, maintenance can take place out-with the sludge, again minimising system downtime


Miss Hind Lorna
Solway Works Eastriggs

DG12 6NJ

STEM Drive Mark III Fluidic Mixer

As part of the continual research and development programme at STEM Drive we are pleased to announce the arrival of the Mark III Fluidic Mixer onto our ever increasing range of mixers.

Following on from the well proven track record of the STEM Drive Fluidic Mixers the Mark III incorporates an improved and refined nozzle jet arrangement.

This enhanced design not only improves the throughput of the 100mm Model but achieves this with a marked reduction in the quantity of compressed air required to drive the Fluidic Mixer.

In a typical Fluidic Mixing installation this will not only require a smaller sized compressor but the run time of the Mark III will be considerably shorter in a 24 hour period.

Hence, economies of both power consumption along with lower initial capital costs will be achieved with the improved and more energy efficient Mark III Fluidic Mixer.

For further information please email STEM Drive Ltd

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