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Associated Water Industries, LLC


Associated Water Industries, LLC (AWI) is an operational and maintenance consultant group dedicated to only the potable water industry. AWI provides total potable water system evaluatons: watershed management, plant operations, laboratory control, Distribution system management, emergency planning, and risk management all at a lower cost than similar engineering groups. We will be able to demostrate immediate plans on how your facility can lower costs, as well as offer alternatives to capital improvemet programs and save unnecessary capital expenditures. At the same time AWI will improve water quality. AWI has also developed an improved system for determining coagulant dosages for all aluminum salt coagulants used in potable water treatment. The Auto-Dose 2000 is a new concept that is a fraction of the cost of other coagulant control systems. At less than $2000 (US) is able to provide realiable,quick and accurate dosage determinations. The system is a portable microprocessor that uses a proprietary program to determine dosages by the use of raw water color and turbidity. The system is easily calibrated by plant personnel by the use of past plant dosage records or the jar tests. Once calibrated only color and turbidity are entered to optain the optimum dosage. The Auto-Dose 2000 is not pH sensitive and plagued with the problems of other control systems. Is best used in those raw water supplies that have frequent quality changes, especially those that are high in color and turbidity. The Auto-Dose 2000 is a feed forward system to minimize plant upsets.


Mr Aubrey La Fargue
1619 North Hollow Drive Suite 210


Associated Water Industries, LLC


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