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AqWise - Wise Water Technologies Ltd.


AqWise develops advanced technologies for performance enhancement, capacity increase and nutrient removal in activated sludge processes in wastewater treatment plants. The technologies developed by AqWise are doubling the capacity of existing bio-reactors. AqWise?s technologies utilize the attached growth/fixed biofilm concept, in which suspended plastic carriers serve as a moving bed. A specific flow pattern creates turbulence necessary to keep the biofilm in optimal conditions. Main benefits of utilizing AqWise?s technologies: * Additional BOD removal and/or lower retention time * Addition of nutrient removal * Retrofit/upgrade of existing, conventional plants * Minimal construction works, down time, and capital cost * Stable plant operation, lower sensitivity to shock loading * Omission of sludge return system * Clog free operatio


Mr Elad Frenkel
POB 12615, 8 Hamenofim St.


AqWise - Wise Water Technologies Ltd.


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