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H+E designs & builds water and waste water treatment plants for industrial applications and complete waste-to-energy plants; core elements being designed and sourced within the Company.Water TreatmentUsing all available technologies, we supply pure water treatment systems for Power Generation, Electronics / Photovoltaic, Pharmaceutical, Petrochemical and other industrial applications.Wastewater TreatmentWe supply plants for most industries, and therefore have a very wide range of process technologies available. Since H+E has been in the business for more than 80 years, this is perhaps not surprising! A significant number of these treatment processes have been developed by us in response to the specific needs of our client. So, whether you discharge inorganic or organic wastewater, we are able to treat it reliably and have a very long Reference List of satisfied clients.ProductsWe also have a range of individual products that are available to you. One of these is the TOVEKO continuous gravity sand filter. This has a number of very significant operational advantages over other filter types.Whatever your specific needs are, we would be very happy to discuss them with you and to find an efficient and cost-effective solution. Please do contact us!Our wastewater recycling systems make the user less dependant on mains water supplies, & also reduce overall operating costs significantly.


Mr Mike Hutt
Field Place Estate
Broadbridge Heath
West Sussex
RH12 3PB

Wastewater Treatment for Waste Incineration & Power Plant

Hager + Elsässer have been awarded a contract to build a wastewater treatment plant for a waste incineration and power plant being built outside Copenhagen.

This plant will operate non-stop, treating wastewater to a high discharge specification, and is being designed and built to a particularly high standard to ensure long trouble-free and low maintenance operation. The treatment plant will handle the wastewater stream arising from the flue-gas desulphurisation system. Since such plants inevitably operate non-stop and so the reliability and up-time requirements for all parts of the whole plant are very demanding.

The plant is due to be built in 2012, and will include the following main plant features:
Primary Flow & Concentration Balancing Tank
Coarse neutralisation stage with FeCl3, Anti-scalant and CaCO3 dosing and sludge seeding
Fine Neutralisation stage with NaOH dosing
Precipitation stage with TMT-15 dosing
Flocculation stage with polyelectrolyte dosing
Lamella clarifier
Sludge thickener
Fully mechanised filter press for sludge dewatering
Post-precipitation stage with TMT-15 dosing
Sand Filtration
Arsenic removal stage
Final discharge monitoring
Extensive system flushing & cleaning facilities
Fume extraction system

Discharge quality requirement are:

This contract is the latest of many that H+E has built previously for similar applications. It affirms H+E's continuing, long-term commitment to the energy and environmental sectors.
For more information, please contact Mike Hutt: +44 1403 272772, mike.hutt@he-water.co.uk

For further information please email Hager + Elsasser UK Ltd

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