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H+E designs & builds water and waste water treatment plants for industrial applications and complete waste-to-energy plants; core elements being designed and sourced within the Company.Water TreatmentUsing all available technologies, we supply pure water treatment systems for Power Generation, Electronics / Photovoltaic, Pharmaceutical, Petrochemical and other industrial applications.Wastewater TreatmentWe supply plants for most industries, and therefore have a very wide range of process technologies available. Since H+E has been in the business for more than 80 years, this is perhaps not surprising! A significant number of these treatment processes have been developed by us in response to the specific needs of our client. So, whether you discharge inorganic or organic wastewater, we are able to treat it reliably and have a very long Reference List of satisfied clients.ProductsWe also have a range of individual products that are available to you. One of these is the TOVEKO continuous gravity sand filter. This has a number of very significant operational advantages over other filter types.Whatever your specific needs are, we would be very happy to discuss them with you and to find an efficient and cost-effective solution. Please do contact us!Our wastewater recycling systems make the user less dependant on mains water supplies, & also reduce overall operating costs significantly.


Mr Mike Hutt
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Semicon exhibition, Stuttgart 07 - 09 October 2008

During the recent Semicon exhibition in Stuttgart, the Hager + Elsaesser stand was visited by a good number of people from both production and R&D companies who expressed a great deal of interest in the Company's wide range of products and systems offered to the electronics sector, and the company finished the exhibition with a substantial number of new enquiries.

Hager + Elsaesser is well-known for its expertise in the supply of water and wastewater treatment systems both to the "traditional" electronics market, and also the rapidly growing photo-voltaic sector, having secured a substantial number of recent contracts for new production facilities.

Also on display was the San-Kan-Oh range of "Functional" Water systems used for the cleaning of a wide range of electronic components during their manufacture. Ozone (oxidising) water is used by a substantial number of European companies, but the use of Hydrogen (reducing water) has found its main market in the Far East, notably Japan and Taiwan, so far.

The big advantages of using Functional Water are:

·Reduction in cleaning time
·Highly efficient cleaning with virtually no chemicals
·Reduced operating costs
·Reduced environmental impact

For further information please email Hager + Elsaesser UK Ltd

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