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Conversion And Resource Evaluation Limited


C.A.R.E. Ltd. offers technical services in biomass and wastes combustion, gasification and pyrolysis for fuels, heat, power, CHP, chemicals and derived products. Our range of services include: 1. Design of complete bio-energy conversion systems from feedstock to electricity, heat and derived products [syngas, biochar, char, pyrolysis liquids, chemical products]. 2. Organisation and evaluation of biomass and waste feedstock testing. 3. Techno-economic modelling and evaluation of bio-energy systems 4. Technology surveys, reviews and feasibility studies on new processes and products. 5. Trouble-shooting of operational systems, practical experience on a range of systems. 6. Due diligence on a range of technologies [gasification and pyrolysis predominantly]. 7. Specialist presentations and course contributions 8. Experienced in a range of technologies, from R&D to commercial processes.


Dr Cordner Peacocke
30 Pinehill Road
Co. Antrim
BT 44 9BP

Conversion and Resource Evaluation Ltd. extends services in thermal conversion to Australia

Conversion And Resource Evaluation Ltd. [C.A.R.E. Ltd.] services in thermal conversion have been to an established company developing renewable energy technologies in Australia and USA.

Since July 2005, C.A.R.E. Ltd. has been assisting BEST Energies, formerly Biomass Energy Services and Technology Pty Ltd. in a variety of areas related to thermal conversion of biomass and wastes by conventional pyrolysis. BEST Energies is developing their pyrolysis technology to convert waste such as papermill sludge, chicken litter, wood wastes and other industrial wastes to syngas for power production, a by-product char which has a variety of applications as a soil amendment and growth promoter and the gasification of this char for producer gas for heat production within the process.

The experience of C.A.R.E. Ltd. has been utilised by BEST Energies to assist in the development of pyrolysis kiln design, the development of a novel combined thermal/catalytic bio-oil vapour cracker and practical advice on operation, process monitoring and evaluation. C.A.R.E. Ltd. has also advised BEST Energies on the use of a high temperature hot gas filter system for the removal of particulates and fine soot from the hot syngas at 700-800C, gas scrubbing and use in gas and dual-fuel diesel engines.

To date BEST Energies has successfully operated a 300 kg/h pyrolyser on a variety of wastes, leading to over 98wt% conversion of organic vapours from the pyrolyser to syngas, with a heating value of 7-12 MJ/nm3, depending on the process parameters. This gas from a variety of feedstocks has been successfully burnt in a dual fuel diesel engine, pending the delivery of a gas engine for power generation.

Picture 1: 300 kg/h pyrolysis reactor, Australia, 2006

Picture 2: Biodiesel scrubber and 150 kWe dual fuel diesel engine, Australia [2006]

Designs for a 2 t/h plant have been completed for use in the USA and also for a 4 t/h unit. In both cases, waste disposal coupled with power generation is the focus. In the longer term, markets for the use of the by-product char are being developed.

Picture 3: 2 t/h biomass pyrolysis plant with combined heat and power for fabrication


Conversion And Resource Evaluation Ltd.

Formed in 1996, C.A.R.E. Ltd. has been working on the research, development, demonstration and commercialisation of advanced thermal conversion technologies for the product of heat, power, combined heat and power and green chemicals from biomass and wastes. C.A.R.E. Ltd. specialises in technical and engineering services to the industry, with the result that in one case has led to the commercial development of a downdraft biomass gasification technology. By working on ''live'' projects and with the bio-energy industry, solutions to problems can be rapidly formulated and proposed.

BEST Energies

Biomass Energy Services and Technology has been working on renewable energy products and technology for over 21 years. Following purchase by a firm in the USA, the company is now known as BEST Energies and is developing their pyrolysis technology for 2 t/h and a 4 t/h modules. The first module will start operating in Wisconsin, USA in mid-2007. BEST Energies are also building a biodiesel production facility in Wisconsin, USA

For further information on these and other services offered by C.A.R.E. Ltd., contact:

Dr. C. Peacocke
Conversion And Resource Evaluation Ltd.,
3 Glen Road, Holywood, Co. Down, Northern Ireland, BT18 0HB
T. +44 28 90422658
F. +44 870 0542981
I. http://www.care.demon.co.uk/
E. cpeacocke@care.demon.co.uk

For further information please email Conversion And Resource Evaluation Limited

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