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Conversion And Resource Evaluation Limited


C.A.R.E. Ltd. offers technical services in biomass and wastes combustion, gasification and pyrolysis for fuels, heat, power, CHP, chemicals and derived products. Our range of services include: 1. Design of complete bio-energy conversion systems from feedstock to electricity, heat and derived products [syngas, biochar, char, pyrolysis liquids, chemical products]. 2. Organisation and evaluation of biomass and waste feedstock testing. 3. Techno-economic modelling and evaluation of bio-energy systems 4. Technology surveys, reviews and feasibility studies on new processes and products. 5. Trouble-shooting of operational systems, practical experience on a range of systems. 6. Due diligence on a range of technologies [gasification and pyrolysis predominantly]. 7. Specialist presentations and course contributions 8. Experienced in a range of technologies, from R&D to commercial processes.


Dr Cordner Peacocke
30 Pinehill Road
Co. Antrim
BT 44 9BP

250 Kg/h/250-300 kWe biomass gasifier now generating electricity for grid export

Conversion and Resource Evaluation Ltd. [C.A.R.E. Ltd.] has been assisting Biomass Engineering Ltd. for over 6½ years on the design and implementation of biomass and waste downdraft gasification systems. This, the 4th gasification project that CARE Ltd. has worked on with Biomass Engineering Ltd. is now exporting electricity to the grid, partly funded by the DTI as a demonstration project [ref. B/TI/00800/00/00] with Iveco who supplied the gas engines. A 5th gasifier will soon be entering operation at 85kWe with export to the grid also with a view to expand it to 250 kWe - similar to this project.


The aim of the project is to demonstrate a 250 kWe integrated farm based gasification using wood as the fuel with full environmental compliance. The complete system has been constructed and is in operation in NW England, exporting green electricity to the grid. In the past few weeks over 40,000 Nm3 of producer gas have been combusted in the gas engines for power generation. The wood gasification system is a heat-integrated unit with waste heat from the gas engines used to dry the wood, prior to use in the gasification process.


Wood logs are delivered to site and stored. The logs are then chipped using a Laimet HP25 wood chipper to give large uniform chips of approximately 2-4" by 1-2" in size. The wood chips are stored under cover with capacity for ~40 t of chips, which is enough for one weeks running. The wood chips are deposited in a wood hopper/conveyor where the chips are dried using diluted engine exhaust gases. The dried chips are conveyed onto a belt conveyor where they are taken up to the feed system on the gasifier. The gasifier generates a hot combustible gas called ''producer gas'' containing carbon monoxide, hydrogen and some methane giving the gas a lower heating value of 5.0-5.2 MJ/Nm³. Due to the extremely low tar levels in the gas, the gas cleaning/conditioning system is very simple. The hot producer gas is filtered to remove fine char and ash particulates, cooled indirectly in a water-cooled heat exchanger and demisted to remove water droplets. The cooled, dry gas is then boosted by a gas fan to the gas engines. At present, two Iveco 8210 SRG engines are fitted with a CNG [Compressed Natural Gas] gas train, restricting output to 125 kWe, with the system running 8-10 hours daily. The CNG gas train will shortly be replaced to allow the unit to operate at 250+ kWe. The green electricity is being sold under the Renewable Obligation Order (2002) to the grid.

C.A.R.E. Ltd. carried out the technical specification of the system including the mass and energy balances, assistance with the planning applications and environmental compliance to LA-PPC. The unit was constructed in early 2004 and started testing in August 2004. Plant emissions are mostly in the form of the engine exhaust, which make up over 95% of the process emissions. Other minor emissions are condensate and residual ash from the process. The ash has use as a fertiliser.


C.A.R.E. Ltd. was formed in 1996 to provide specialist technical services in bio-energy, biomass derived chemicals and renewable products. Our expertise is technical and engineering services in thermal conversion systems, in particular, pyrolysis and gasification. Since 1996 CARE Ltd. has worked on a range of projects in thermal conversion of biomass and wastes for research, research and development, demonstration and commercial implementation. Details of recent and ongoing projects can be found on our website.

Further Information

Dr. C. Peacocke
Conversion And Resource Evaluation Ltd.
3 Glen Road, Holywood,
Co. Down,
Northern Ireland,
BT18 0HB
T. +44 28 90422658
F. +44 870 0542981
I. www.care.demon.co.uk
E. cpeacocke@care.demon.co.uk

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