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Euroby Limited


We are one of the UK's leading organisations of environmental waste processing.

Our services have enabled many companies and utilities to increase the effectiveness of their waste management programmes.

We provide a comprehensive service to deal with all sludge related problems involving thickening, dewatering, drying and stabilisation/pathogen kill from sewage to chemicals, pharmacuticals and foods.

Euroby's skilled and motivated team offer consultancy services and can tailor solutions, from machine rental and maintenance to complete turnkey installations.

Euroby provides skilled personnel to operate or maintain equipment according to a customer's requirements.

Recent Projects include the supply and installation of centrifuges to the Water Industry, Oil refineries and food processing plants rented dewatering units to a number of water companies and other industrial users.


Mr Barry Ley
Columbia House Columbia Drive

West Sussex
BN13 3HD

Maintenance is key to trouble-free dewatering

Sludge treatment and dewatering is a vital part of the waste water treatment process and is equally important in a wide range of industrial and manufacturing industries.

The equipment required - including centrifuges, filter presses, drum dewatering units and belt presses - are both highly specialised and subject to arduous operating conditions.

Regular maintenance and servicing is essential to keep this equipment running smoothly and efficiently. This is a task that requires specialist knowledge, and manufacturers such as renowned German manufacturer Flottweg have established their own service networks to carry out this work.

Flottweg - of which Euroby is the UK representative - has a network of service engineers and technicians who are qualified for any kind of installation, commissioning, repair and maintenance involving its products and processes.

Euroby provides a comprehensive range of services and technical support, ranging from on-site maintenance and supply of spare parts to complete overhaul and refurbishment of machines and components.

This applies not only to Flottweg machines but also for all type of decanter centrifuges including Alfa Laval, Bird, Humboldt KHD, MSE Hiller, Sharples, Pieralisi, Westfalia, Guinard, Andritz, Ashbrook Simon-Hartley and Centriquip.

The key to a dependable maintenance services is 24/7 availability. Euroby's service department is always ready when needed to either carry out repairs or service work in the field or, as conditions dictate.

Euroby's field service engineers are based throughout the UK to ensure rapid response times and minimal cost.

Quick response times are crucial to minimise disruption during breakdown maintenance and so Euroby ensures that temporary dewatering capacity is always available to keep things ticking over should a client's permanent equipment require major remedial work.

With its own fleet of centrifuges and associated dewatering equipment, Euroby - unlike other maintenance providers - is also a user. As such, it fully appreciates the importance of keeping its assets in good serviceable condition while maintaining the ability to deal with breakdowns as soon as they occur.

The company's West Bromwich workshop is fully equipped to carry out major repairs including internal scroll/conveyor and machine modifications.

As a supplier of a full range of dewatering equipment, Euroby also offers a repair and maintenance service for all types of filter presses including machines from Andritz, Micronics, Lathams, Simon Hartley, Manor, Johnson Progress, R&B, TEFSA, Edwards & Jones, Diemme, Scapa, MSE and Netzch.

Major repairs include upgrades from steel plates to polypropylene and membrane inflation installation; general replacement of plate packs; hydraulic ram replacement and repair and health & safety upgrades to comply with current regulatory requirements.

Euroby is one of only a few suppliers that offer a complete turnkey service. Besides equipment sales and hire and a full repair, maintenance and technical support, the company also designs, manufactures, installs and commissions entire systems.

For further information please email Euroby Limited

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