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CSO Technik was founded in 1995 and are based in the village of Bough Beech just 30 miles from central London and less than an hour from all of London’s airports. Initially manufacturing and distributing Combined Storm Overflow equipment and odour control systems into the waste water sector in the UK, CSO has seen substantial growth and now provides pollution solutions in the Energy from Waste (EfW), Municipal Solids Waste (MSW), Waste Water Treatment (WWT) and General Industrial sectors. CSO’s products include biogas desulphurisation for gas to grid and CHP applications, odour control, pasteurisation, heat exchangers, CSO equipment and solids handling solutions. Terminodour™ is CSO's unique odour control system; the technology for which has now been granted Best Available Technology (BAT) status. Terminodour™ is ideally suited within municipal solids waste and waste reception buildings. CSO also offer traditional odour control solutions such as carbon scrubbing, biofiltration, biogas desulphurisation and pasteurisation. CSO's clients include the main UK water companies as well as major national and international companies such as Saria, & ABP Food Group.


Miss Harriet Lynch
Chequers Barn, Chequers Hill, Bough Beech


Tipping Bucket Storm Tank Flushing System

Scope of Contract: The scope of works included the design, manufacture, supply, offload, contract lift, install, test and commission 12 No. tipping buckets and associated wash water supply pipework, actuated valves, traced heating and thermal insulation.

Stressholme STW is on the outskirts of Darlington, Co. Durham and serves a PE of 100 000. A recent major refurbishment of the plant included a retrofit installation of an automated storm tank flushing system into the 6 existing concrete storm tanks.

Tank Dimensions:
6 No. 47.0m long x 13.5m wide x 3.0.m deep tanks with a 1% fall. Each tank was divided into two separate lanes of 6.5m width by 400mm high x 600mm wide dwarf concrete dividing wall.

Description of plant:
12 No. 1,300 l/m tipping buckets in 304 stainless steel were installed into the 6 tanks. The buckets were mounted on brackets attached to the side and intermediate dividing walls of the tanks.

The filling system is via a stainless steel pipework, trace heated and lagged, which provides final effluent. The actuated valve opens on a signal from an ultrasonic sensor mounted within the tanks. When the bucket is full it automatically swings on its bearings as the tipping point is reached.

As the bucket tips a proximity switch closes the actuated valve. The bucket automatically returns to its balance point and is set for the next storm event.

Deliveries commenced in January 2009, installation of the buckets was carried out in three phases so that only one set of the storm tanks was out of action at any one time. The final phase of the project was completed in September 2010.

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