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Gas Data Ltd


Gas Data designs and manufactures an extensive range of portable and fixed instrumentation for a wide range of applications. The instruments are used extensively in the control of landfill gas, biogas, contaminated land remediation, food storage, security, odour control, biofuel and many more.


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Pegasus House, Seven Stars Industrial Estate, Wheler Road Whitley


LMSr Environmental Monitor for remote monitoring

Gas Data's LMSr environmental monitor allows engineers to view progress of tests without having to collect data from site.

Data, such as sequential gas samples taken from up to 16 sample points on pipelines or ground bore holes on a landfill site is gathered from the instrument remotely using the GSM connection to www.gasdata.net

Designed for medium term site monitoring, the system is based on an electronic instrument with typically 20 channels of measurement, each configured to suit the range necessary for the particular application.

Typical measurement channels are as follows;

  • Infra red/electrochemical gas analysis (Methane, carbon dioxide, oxygen, carbon monoxide, hydrogen sulphide etc.)
  • Pressure measurement (Gauge and/or absolute)
  • Temperature -10 to +2000 C depending on probe used
  • Gas velocity/flow using anemometer devices
  • Interface to orifice plates and pitot tubes
  • 4-20 mA signals from existing plant e.g. Gas flare temperature
  • Data logging
  • Telemetry using mobile phone (GSM or GPRS) technology

    Suitable for outdoor use with minimal or no weather protection, the instrument measures all channels according to how the user chooses to set the data logging parameters. Power is provided ether by internal batteries (supported by solar if necessary) or a mains supply.

    For further information please email Gas Data Ltd

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