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Gas Data Ltd


Gas Data designs and manufactures an extensive range of portable and fixed instrumentation for a wide range of applications. The instruments are used extensively in the control of landfill gas, biogas, contaminated land remediation, food storage, security, odour control, biofuel and many more.


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Pegasus House, Seven Stars Industrial Estate, Wheler Road Whitley


Biogas measurement benefits, including ammonia - with Gas Data's GFM Analyser

The ATEX-approved GFM416 Gas Analyser from Gas Data is ideal for anaerobic digester applications requiring on-site measurement of biogas - and is the first instrument of its type that can be equipped to simultaneously monitor ammonia in this application, with no cross gas effects from other components.

The light yet robust handheld GFM416 can be fitted with up to 6 gas channels, measuring oxygen, carbon dioxide, methane, ammonia and highly corrosive hydrogen sulphide before they enter a biogas scrubber.

Offering signals at regular intervals, real-time on-line continuous monitoring enables the user to calculate the gas calorific value from the methane content, as well as offering protection from high oxygen levels, which can cause explosions.

Just part of the comprehensive GFM range, this proven Gas Data biogas analyser can also assist in protecting CHP (Combined Heat & Power) engines from high Hydrogen Sulphide levels - and monitors hydrogen sulphide scrubber performance.

When data has to be gathered continually and utilised to control the site plant by direct connection, Gas Data's LMSp Fixed Position Analyser offers an enclosed cabinet, remote telemetry option.

The GFM416 is also complemented by Gas Data's Combimass thermal mass gas flow instrumentation, which is designed to determine the standard volumetric or gas mass flow through a gas pipeline. It is suitable for Biogas Production Optimisation, Biogas Desulphuristion Control and Anaerobic Digester (AD) Control.

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