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CBio supply, install and maintain biological and mechanical products for the treatment of waste & effluents. Including: Greasebeta systems: Installation and maintenance of grease traps, grease recovery units and biological dosing. FridgeFree: solving and preventing slime build up in commercial fridges and chillers Clearinate: Uric acid and limescale removal for urinals


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Septic Tank Smells And Blockages Are Problems Of The Past According To Scientists At CBIO

When people experience bad smells or blockages and general problems with their septic tank, one of the most important things to realise is how it actually works.

Your septic tank acts as the collection point for your household sewage. It provides a holding area to allow the waste to settle and for micro-organisms to break down, liquefy and deodorise
the organic matter.

The process is entirely biological and needs the presence of a healthy colony of bacteria and fungi to operate successfully and prevent your system becoming blocked, giving off bad smells and ultimately avoiding an unpleasant and costly overflow situation.

Problems arise when modern cleaning agents such as disinfectants, bleaches and
detergents that are designed to kill bacteria used. Over-use use of these chemicals can upset the biological balance within the septic tank by killing off the micro-organisms that do the work.

Extremes of temperature can have a similar effect.
What happens when your system stops working effectively?
· It begins to fill with waste sometimes becoming blocked and flooded.
· The system begins to give off bad smells.
· The soak-away will clog with fat and grease and other matter causing the ground around it to become waterlogged.
· Frequent pump-outs will become necessary to avoid it becoming blocked further and overflowing.

Prevention is better and cheaper than cure and the regular use of a product like BioGest can avoid all these problems as well as avoid angry neighbours, tank emptying costs and soak-away rebuilding costs.

BioGest is a broad range bacterial organic degrader, principally for use in treatment plant and mixed waste effluent streams.

It is available in liquid or powder form and can be manually applied or dosed via an automatic dosing system which restores the biological balance, reduces the frequency of emptying, helps maintain an aerobic system, reducing problems with odours and blockages, and breaks down a broad range of organic waste matter.

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