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CBio supply, install and maintain biological and mechanical products for the treatment of waste & effluents. Including: Greasebeta systems: Installation and maintenance of grease traps, grease recovery units and biological dosing. FridgeFree: solving and preventing slime build up in commercial fridges and chillers Clearinate: Uric acid and limescale removal for urinals


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Marstons Rolls Out Cbio's Greasebeta In 400 Sites To Tackle Kitchen Drainage

NATIONAL pub chain Marston's Inns and Taverns has switched its FOG (Fat, Oil and Grease) management to CBIO's new GreaseBeta product - significantly lowering the cost of tackling fat drainage in its kitchens.

CBIO's system, which uses a daily cold dose of bio-fluid using a self-contained battery powered unit, has replaced a competitor's warm dosing system which required a separate water and electricity supply. Marston's says the move to CBIO's GreaseBeta will save the firm money each year in utility costs - and that's just for the initial few hundred sites where the system has been replaced.

"Now GreaseBeta has been introduced to more than 100 additional new sites," explains regional building surveyor for Marston's Andy Cutler. "The product is effective and the energy savings are fantastic as rising energy costs are a real issue to all businesses. It also reduces our carbon footprint which is important to us. We are also saving on new installation - as we do not need to pay for electricians or plumbers to install a socket and new water pipe to each kitchen as we did with the more complicated warm dosing system. The GreaseBeta is self-contained and battery powered meaning there is less that can go wrong - and the battery and fluids are replaced regularly as part of the contract."

GreaseBeta is a biological drain unblocker and its bacteria provide a natural way to clear blocked drains and minimise future clogged drains and blockages. It helps kitchens manage the residual amounts of grease they produce when washing pots and pans that unavoidably go down the drain. The system is installed and fully maintained by CBIO engineers.

Andy adds that the actual GreaseBeta product is also much cheaper than the previous one Marston's was using. "In effect, the cost savings have been so good that we are rolling out the GreaseBeta in twice the number of sites than using the old system."

Tony Brooke, development director at CBIO explains:
"Marston's ran a trial of the GreaseBeta this year after we approached Andy Cutler to explain the specialised grease management service we were offering a number of other managed pub chains across the UK. We explained the reasons why they had taken the decision to use the services of CBIO rather than those of their existing biological grease management service providers.

"The capability of CBIO to take over the servicing and maintenance of any type of biological grease management system, utilising its dedicated team of service engineers and offering a tailored solution at significantly lower cost appealed to Andy and a short trial at a problem site chosen by Marston's was instigated.

"Staff at the site provided their feedback to head office, not only on the effectiveness of the GreaseBeta unit, but also their comments around the total CBIO experience.

"After a couple of months operation, the GreaseBeta trial was deemed to be an all-round success. CBIO was awarded the estate-wide Marstons contract for the provision of planned biological grease management services across the whole estate - both at managed and, where required, tenanted sites."
Marston's is now running a trial of another CBIO product - the GRU (Grease Recovery Unit) which helps prevent grease getting to pumping stations and treatment plants in problem sites by physically separating the oil before it goes in the drain, it can then be recycled or disposed of with other waste oil.

Andy explains: "It may help us in a number of sites such as those that have a carvery and steamer, for example, as they have to deal with additional fats from meat juices. CBIO have been really efficient in their management of FOG and we have been very pleased with the performance of their products."

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