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CBio supply, install and maintain biological and mechanical products for the treatment of waste & effluents. Including: Greasebeta systems: Installation and maintenance of grease traps, grease recovery units and biological dosing. FridgeFree: solving and preventing slime build up in commercial fridges and chillers Clearinate: Uric acid and limescale removal for urinals


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"FridgeFree™" - The permanent, proactive solution to refrigeration condensate blockages

Cleveland Biotech Ltd has recently developed another market defining biological product - FridgeFree™. This is the natural solution to the problem of gel blockages in refrigeration condensate drains.

The gel, which analysis has shown to be an exopolysaccharide, is secreted by bacteria in a nutrient deficient environment, forms in the condensate drains serving refrigeration units causing blockages and floods. The main cause of this gel would appear to be the lack of fall in these pipes, as they are often laid directly on the shopfloor allowing the relatively warm condensate water to pool in the pipework.

In Cleveland Biotech's experience these gel blockages occur most frequently in the H/T units, and then chiefly in the dairy, meat and produce counters. Though having said this the gel can affect any refrigeration line, and some lines, often adjacent, will remain unaffected.

It also worth noting that these problems can also occur in air conditioning units, and the FridgeFree™ system has proved to be equally effective in preventing floods in these applications.

The floods themselves are a continual headache for store managers and maintenance staff alike. Not only are they unsightly and expensive to fix, but they can be a Health & Safety issue and then there is the problem of de-merchandised refrigerators and lost revenue. This view is supported by the following comment made by a major supermarket maintenance manager:

"Cleveland Biotech installed FridgeFree™ systems as a trial at a store with a long history of refrigeration drain blockages usually every 3-4 weeks. Since installation, three months ago, there have been no further blockages and the drains are free-running. It looks like a solution to one of our major problems."

The FridgeFree™ system itself is an automatically dosed bio-fluid, discretely located on top or underneath the relevant refrigeration unit, the fluid is dosed directly into the condensate drain line or sump depending on the nature of the specific problem. The unit itself is timed to dose a fixed amount of fluid each day and will run unattended for three months. Cleveland Biotech's team of in-house service engineers will install and maintain each unit ensuring that they never run out of fluid.

The bio-fluid itself is a blend of Bacillus spores and natural surfactants which together act to break-down and then prevent the gel from forming. The product itself is entirely environmentally and contains no biocides unlike all other products performing a similar task. This means the product has no detrimental impact on the environment down stream of the chiller.

FridgeFree™ units are currently installed in most major national supermarket chains and results to date have been excellent. As long as the units are installed and maintained correctly then gel blockages do not recur.

If you have any further questions about the FridgeFree™ system please do not hesitate to contact Cleveland Biotech direct on 01642 606 606.

For further information please email Cleveland Biotech Limited

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