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CBio supply, install and maintain biological and mechanical products for the treatment of waste & effluents. Including: Greasebeta systems: Installation and maintenance of grease traps, grease recovery units and biological dosing. FridgeFree: solving and preventing slime build up in commercial fridges and chillers Clearinate: Uric acid and limescale removal for urinals


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CBIO'S Solution Transforms Toxic Ponds Into Safe Havens

KEEPERS of Koi are using a revolutionary new product which contains live bacteria that transforms toxic ponds into safe havens.

Developed by Stockton-on-Tees-based microbiological firm CBIO, the N-Series solution is a unique approach to fish-keeping and tackles the costly and time consuming issue of ammonia build-up.

Tony Brooke, development director at CBio said: "Because Koi excrete ammonia a build up will of course turn a pond into a highly toxic environment. The traditional way of dealing with this is through a filtration system where water is pumped up to a filter box.

"Bacteria colonise the filter box gradually over time and turn the ammonia into harmless nitrates. But this process of bacterial colonisation can be a lengthy process and during that time fish can die because there's not been enough time to build up the right amount of bacteria.

"One dose of these nitrifying bacteria instantly provides a massive boost of millions of friendly bugs to the ecosystem of the pond."

Paul Fretter of Teesside Koi and Aquatics in Stockton on Tees has used the product and regularly recommends it to customers.

"A toxic pond can be made safe in just a couple of days and it literally saves the lives of fish," he said.

"People can become much attached to Koi because they're friendly and intelligent and can live for up to 45 years if well looked after in a large pond. Obviously can be a huge investment as well we stock fish worth around £800 but they can reach £150,000. Even if you only have a small pond the cost of a dose of bacteria is nothing compared to the financial loss of a couple of fish.

Ben with Glynn Flowers

"I understand the N-Series bacteria was originally intended for lakes and fisheries as well as industrial treatment plants but it really is perfect for smaller ponds too. We can't stock it as it only has a very short shelf life when activated but we don't hesitate to recommend it and CBio always keep a stock of live bacteria fresh from the fermenter.

"You might only need one dose but it is easy to over-feed fish and that can affect the delicate eco-balance. The bacteria will fix it in a couple of days."

Glynn Flowers, from Bishop Auckland, in County Durham is a Koi enthusiast and was looking for a solution to ammonia build up and, like most people, was keen to avoid a lot of water changes: "I bought some of the N-Series product for my ponds and I am delighted with the results," he said. "I know it's important to feed the water not the fish and if the conditions are right the fish will be fine. I dosed my ponds in May for winter and will probably do it again in the Spring. I'm delighted with the levels I've achieved; it's such a small price to pay for peace of mind and - if my fish are happy, I'm happy."

For more info go to www.clevebio.co.uk

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