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Pulsar Process Measurement Ltd design, manufacture and market level, volume, open channel flow, pipe flow and pump control instrumentation. Our company specialises in non-intrusive measurement, and our technology is used in a wide variety of industries and applications worldwide. By concentrating on the development of ultrasonic level measurement, we believe that Pulsar can be fairly described as the world technology leader in this field. The product range has been designed to provide a full range of alternatives, from single point of measurement installations right through to complex multi-point applications with digital communications. The ultrasonic range has been augmented with other products, so for the water industry, interface monitors for tricky sludge level measurement application have been added together with units that can be used to warn of pump failure. In more general level applications, single point measurement devices are available where continuous level measurement is inappropriate.


Mr Alistair MacKinnon
Cardinal Building, Enigma Commercial Centre
Sandy's Road
WR14 1JJ

Sludge Finder - a blanket success

Sludge Finder from Pulsar Process Measurement is an ultrasonic sludge blanket detector that provides a continuous measurement of sludge level within a variety of clarifier operations. A submerged transducer provides an echo profile of the contents of the clarifier which is then analysed by a control unit, which then provides both analogue and alarm outputs.

A Sludge Finder unit has been in operation for several months on the final settlement tank at Severn Trent s Carno site. Initially installed as a replacement for an ineffective high level device, the process engineers have been delighted with the continuous (0-100%) sludge blanket level measurement that Sludge Finder provides. As the local process manager put it: The Sludge Finder unit has been very reliable since we installed it at Carno, and we believe it has tremendous potential for energy saving and process efficiency improvement . The process at Carno is very similar to many other small and medium sized operations. The mixed liquor enters the clarifier, and the sludge is pumped out, the pumps operating on timers. The sludge blanket detector then is present as a high level alarm to warn that there is a danger of the turbidity level being too high, which could then result in either overloading of the next process or discharge of water which exceeds consent. Sludge Finder s continuous measurement means that the efficiency of the clarifier process can be monitored accurately, and adjustments can be made to the inflow and pumping rates to make sure that the process is correctly balanced sludge pumps are not pumping excessive amounts of clarified liquor, and neither is the sludge level getting too close to the high level. Without the use of a continuous monitor, this sort of judgement has to be made either by calculation and estimate or by regular manual sampling and measurement, notoriously difficult to do and unhygienic. The next step will be to make the process a fully automatic one, with the output from the Sludge Finder being used to control the sludge pumps. The move way from timed pump operations will not only save energy, but ensure that the sludge blanket level is maintained at all times at the optimum level. Sludge Finder features a self-cleaning transducer which may be positioned up to 500m from the control unit. Up to four transducers may be controlled by a single Sludge Finder controller, making it the economical, effective choice.

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