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Huber Technology offers solutions for both Industrial and Municipal applications. Best known for the robust ROTAMAT(R) sewage and sludge screens, with over 1500 operating in the UK and Ireland, Huber Technology also offers a broad range of other treatment equipment. This includes machines for achieving Screenings Removal, Washing, Conveying and Compacting; Sludge Screening, Thickening and Dewatering; Storm Screening; Total Preliminary Treatment; Grit Removal and Washing; Grease and solids Removal, Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF) and Disc and Sand Filtration Tertiary Treatment


Mr Nick Hunt
Units C & D Brunel Park
Bumpers Farm Industrial Estate
SN14 6NQ

Screw Press using 14% of the Power of an equivalent Centrifuge

Huber Technology have taken their well proven Screw Press (RoS3Q 440) and have designed and built a larger Screw Press (RoS3Q 800) to meet the market requirements for larger works.

The existing range of Screw Presses was only available up to 440mm diameter and 3 units were required for applications for 100,000 PE. 3 off RoS3Q 440 still used less power and had more flexibility than 1 off 400 diameter centrifuge but the space requirement and cost was larger.

The new 800 diameter unit competes directly against a 350-400mm diameter centrifuge. Having briefly entered the centrifuge market Huber concluded that Centrifuges did not meet their environmental ethos of a low Carbon footprint process whilst the Screw press complied.

Comparing the RoS3Q 800 Press alongside a Centrifuge Plant for a throughput of 450kg (DS)/ h the following results were achieved.

  • Throughput - 12M³/h sewage digested sludge
  • Inlet DS - 4.1%
  • Outlet DS - 25.4% (22-25% from Centrifuge)
  • Polymer consumption - 10g/kg DS (Comparable with Centrifuge)
  • Separation degree - 98.2% (Centrifuge has typically a lower solids retention)
  • Installed Power - 3kw (Centrifuge~22kw)
  • Operating Speed - 1.3RPM (Centrifuge ~3400RPM)

  • Taking a 3kw drive compared with the 22kw drive for the Centrifuge operated at 5000hours per annum at 15p/unit gives a power cost saving of £14,000 per annum and operating at 0.3 to 1.5 RPM compared with typically 3400RPM the maintenance savings in bearing life etc. are obvious.

    Other advantages include elevated discharge making support structure unnecessary, low noise, less vibration, lower weight, and totally enclosed low pressure all stainless enclosure.

    Recent tests on the smaller Screw Press compared with Centrifuges have shown savings in annual running costs of £50k and this new larger unit will give reliable service at considerably less whole life costs for 100,000 PE plants.

    For further information please email Huber Technology

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