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Huber Technology offers solutions for both Industrial and Municipal applications. Best known for the robust ROTAMAT(R) sewage and sludge screens, with over 1500 operating in the UK and Ireland, Huber Technology also offers a broad range of other treatment equipment. This includes machines for achieving Screenings Removal, Washing, Conveying and Compacting; Sludge Screening, Thickening and Dewatering; Storm Screening; Total Preliminary Treatment; Grit Removal and Washing; Grease and solids Removal, Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF) and Disc and Sand Filtration Tertiary Treatment


Mr Nick Hunt
Units C & D Brunel Park
Bumpers Farm Industrial Estate
SN14 6NQ

Disc Filter - New Trial Unit

HUBER Technology is pleased to announce the availability of a new RoDisc trial unit amongst their UK fleet.

The HUBER RoDisc® Micro Screen has been designed for fine screening and polishing of various effluents, and can be used for ensuring compliance with meeting discharge consent standards or allowing water to be reused within a plant.

Fitted with 2, 4 or 6 discs that have polyester filter media with 10 micron pore size (other pores sizes are available), individual site specific requirements can be accommodated with the new trial unit.

The screen comprises a series of discs which are slowly rotated on a central shaft and supported on bearings situated above the water line. The filter is immersed in the effluent and the filtrate collected from the inside of the discs, ensuring a complete barrier to the solids.

The RoDisc® has the following advantages compared to Sand Filters:

  • Low head loss as there is often gravity flow through the screen.
  • Less power as flow need not be pumped and the screen rotates only when dirty. No blowers required for back washing.
  • Lower washwater pumping power as level control signals washing cycle only when screen is dirty.
  • Low profile hence planning permission for high structures is not required.
  • Fixed media filtration so the solids retention is controlled.
  • Open structure for cleaning biomass, maintenance and monitoring.
  • Simple mechanical design without grit and associated abrasion problems.
  • Compact design maximising the ratio of filtration area to footprint area.
  • Can be designed for future works enlargement by adding discs.
  • All stainless steel structure for the main body of the plant.
  • Lower carbon footprint.

  • The RoDisc® has many applications including:

  • Final polishing for discharge or reuse.
  • Algae removal from drinking water.
  • Membrane protection.
  • Treatment of water for recirculation or service water.
  • Phosphate reduction with preceding precipitation and flocculation.

  • With over 60 installations and a pilot plant available please contact HUBER if you feel your application can benefit from fine screening.

    For further information please email Huber Technology

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