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Huber Technology offers solutions for both Industrial and Municipal applications. Best known for the robust ROTAMAT(R) sewage and sludge screens, with over 1500 operating in the UK and Ireland, Huber Technology also offers a broad range of other treatment equipment. This includes machines for achieving Screenings Removal, Washing, Conveying and Compacting; Sludge Screening, Thickening and Dewatering; Storm Screening; Total Preliminary Treatment; Grit Removal and Washing; Grease and solids Removal, Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF) and Disc and Sand Filtration Tertiary Treatment


Mr Nick Hunt
Units C & D Brunel Park
Bumpers Farm Industrial Estate
SN14 6NQ

Another Huber Sludge Sucess Story

Huber Technology has supplied yet another large sluge thickening and dewatering project for Northern Island Water at the recently completed

North Coast Scheme

Huber Technology has recently completed a contract for the supply of its sludge thickening and dewatering equipment on the North Coast of Northern Ireland. The project in question is the newly constructed sewage treatment works for Northern Ireland Water at Craigtownmore (North Coast).

At the North Coast site Huber was chosen to supply Screenings handling plants, Sludge Thickeners and Dewaterers, along with control panels to the customers' specification for each machine. The units supplied were two WAP- SL 6m3/hr BG6 screenings handling units operating on a duty standby basis, four RoS3 BG3 Dewaterer units and two RoS2 BG4 thickener units.

The Dewaterers', situated within the sludge building shown here, provide the site with its sludge cake production capability, with the thickener units providing an alternative sludge disposal route in the event of the sludge cake disposal route being unavailable. Flows were turned to the site at the end of April 2007 at which point the WAP SL units were commissioned. The Dewaterers were brought into use towards the end of May 2007, as sludge was developed on site. On satisfactory completion of performance tests on the Dewaterers, the thickeners were commissioned.

The WAP SL units are designed to intensively wash up to 4m cubed per hour of wet screenings and at peak times when the screens are all operating, the units can automatically alter their operating cycle if required to allow the unit to process 6m cubed per hour of wet screenings. The duty operation of the units is controlled by actuated knife gate valves fitted to the launder system that channels the screenings to the Washpress's.

The Dewaterers are designed to process 69m3/h of sludge at 1%DS to achieve an output DS of >25%. Sludge is pumped from a blended sludge tank, mixed with polyelectrolyte, allowed to flocculate prior to entering the Dewaterer where it is transported and dewatered before being discharged into a screw conveying system that deposits the cake into trailers. The cake is then transported off site for disposal.

The thickeners are designed to process 69m3/h of sludge at 1% DS to achieve an output DS of >6%. Again sludge is pumped from a blended sludge tank, mixed with polyelectrolyte, allowed to flocculate prior to entering the thickeners where it is thickened and transported before being pumped into a thick sludge holding tank.

The construction of the Dewaterers, although dimensionally different, is similar to that of the thickeners, with a shafted auger revolving within a stationary wedgewire drum. The wedgewire drum on both machines has an aperture size of 250 microns. As with all Huber machines, all metal parts are constructed from stainless steel.

All the machines were supplied with control panels designed, built and programmed in house by Huber UK engineers, with each containing a Siemens PLC and HMI system along with intelligent starters and variable speed drives (VSD's) where required. A Profibus network is used to communicate with the customers MCC and SCADA system.

For further information please email Huber Technology

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