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Research has shown that as many as 42% of MSDS are non-compliant, SDS are for the chemical "as supplied" NOT "as used". This leaves a safety gap which no one can afford. Simplicity and cutting edge technology are among the many reasons that Coca-Cola Bottling UK, Kellogg's, Kodak Research,and United Biscuit to name a few have made the change to WASPS software. WASPS is the final solution in delivering the necessary information in the plainest most graphic of terms, clearly displayed at any point of chemical hazard from manufacture to shipping through disposal. With REACH regulation already in place and GHS coming soon, it will never be too soon to couple compliance with new legislation and ultimate work place safety. WASPS is not just a database but an evolving user friendly tool which will enable you to work smarter instead of harder for years to come


Mr Michael Jurascheck
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PE15 8SJ

WASPS Take the Sting out of COSHH!

Many in industry find there are two major issues facing them when dealing with safety in the workplace. Firstly, it is a well known fact that many find the information on a Safety Data Sheet (SDS) "too technical" to understand. As a result, they are not read but filed away until accidents occur. Secondly, COSHH is a legal requirement but many in industry are yet to complete their assessments because of lack of understanding of its requirements, in-house expertise not available, lack of time, perception of COSHH as being "another load of paperwork".

Environmental Science Limited (ESL) has addressed these issues by developing new software called "WASPS" (Workplace Action Safety Protection Sheet) which enables users to easily produce a workplace safety sheet and COSHH as recommended by the HSE following the COSHH Essentials principle. The WASP Sheet is a one-page graphical representation of hazards in the workplace. It is easy to create WASPS from product labels and they can be displayed near the work bench in laminated form. Workers whose mother tongue is not English will find WASPS useful because they are pictorial and also available in other languages. The new software is sold on a subscription basis in order to keep up-to-date with any legal changes. It is also available with a library of pre-created WASP Sheets for hundreds of commonly used chemicals in industry in five major European languages.

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