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Whether you want to check the carbon content of waste water or keep an eye on the salt content of your process water, when it comes to water analysis, HACH LANGE is the perfect choice. We have years of experience in water analysis and offer a broad range of services.Our company history dates back to Berlin 1933, when Dr. Bruno Lange set up a company in his own name employing six people. Inventions such as the photometer and later on cuvette tests have revolutionised the field of analysis, making it possible to conduct extensive analyses without the need for in-depth knowledge of chemistry.HACH LANGE was born in 2004 when Dr. Bruno Lange joined forces with HACH, an American company specialising in electro and photochemistry. The expertise of these two companies is now combined, benefitting you, our customers!That's not all, our company is continuing to grow and already has 22 subsidiaries around the world, including branches across Europe, China and the USA.


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TOC Analyser improves NLS lab speed and versatility

A new TOC IL550 analyser from HACH LANGE is helping the Environment Agency's National Laboratory Service (NLS) to increase sample analysis turnover and improve efficiency levels at its inorganic laboratory in Nottingham.

The analyser is used for the determination of dissolved organic carbon (DOC) and total organic carbon (TOC) in sewage, river, leachates, effluents and groundwater samples.

TOC analysis is vitally important in applications ranging from power generation, wastewater, drinking water, surface water and ultrapure water, to agricultural soils, contaminated land and food. HACH LANGE analysers therefore offer a range of options designed to meet every need.

A key feature of the IL550 is particle tolerance in liquids. The autosampler needle has a large internal diameter and the sample is injected directly via the pneumatic port into the furnace - this eliminates blockages, cross-contamination or leaks because there is no septum or valve. This also removes the need to filter waste water samples because the IL550 measures the TOC of both liquid and solid particulates in a sample. Samples are also stirred prior to injection to ensure homogeneity.

Through a national network of laboratories, the NLS team of scientists and support staff provide a dedicated service to waste and water industry professionals, environmental consultants and local authorities throughout the U.K.

Much of the analytical work performed by the NLS is for regulatory purposes, so it is vitally important that fast, accurate, reliable results are produced and in order to tailor analytical services to customer needs, NLS laboratories employ a sophisticated range of the latest laboratory instruments.

Richard Yates, Inorganic Analysis Team Leader at the NLS, said: "The high calibration range of the IL550 reduces the number of over-range repeat analyses we have to perform, thereby saving valuable lab time and improving the sampling process.

"We have numerous requirements from clients to analyse samples containing particulates and so the IL550 is ideal for this along with the more routine samples. In addition, the instrument is very easy to use and meets our required limit of detection."

With the IL550, digestion takes place at up to 950 Deg C and the solids module is able to increase the temperature to an unrivalled 1300 Deg C. The UV version is equipped with a high-energy UV lamp, which offers the advantage of direct contact with the sample.

In summary, Matthew Dillon, lab sales manager at HACH LANGE says, "The key feature of the IL550, that sets it apart from other instruments, is its ability to provide highly accurate results for a wide range of sample types."

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