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Whether you want to check the carbon content of waste water or keep an eye on the salt content of your process water, when it comes to water analysis, HACH LANGE is the perfect choice. We have years of experience in water analysis and offer a broad range of services.Our company history dates back to Berlin 1933, when Dr. Bruno Lange set up a company in his own name employing six people. Inventions such as the photometer and later on cuvette tests have revolutionised the field of analysis, making it possible to conduct extensive analyses without the need for in-depth knowledge of chemistry.HACH LANGE was born in 2004 when Dr. Bruno Lange joined forces with HACH, an American company specialising in electro and photochemistry. The expertise of these two companies is now combined, benefitting you, our customers!That's not all, our company is continuing to grow and already has 22 subsidiaries around the world, including branches across Europe, China and the USA.


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HACH LANGE Wins ALcontrol COD Contract

ALcontrol Laboratories has awarded a major contract to HACH LANGE for a five-year supply of COD tests. Alcontrol's Andrew Timms anticipates that this could represent up to half a million tests over the entire contract, adding "We receive samples from all over the UK; these are sent by our own staff and from a wide variety of customers including Water Companies, Waste Management Companies and Consultants. Highly accurate results must be produced quickly and in our view the HACH LANGE products enable us to provide the best possible service to our customers"

COD (Chemical Oxygen Demand) is a measure of organic pollution in wastewater, and is the most frequently mentioned parameter in European legislation. The HACH LANGE COD test follows the ISO 15705 standard method exactly, with all reagents supplied ready-to-use, in precisely the correct amounts in a small cuvette.

To perform a test, users simply add a water sample to a cuvette and leave it in a heater for 2 hours. At the end of this period the intensity of colour in the solution is directly related to the COD value in the sample, and can be measured quickly and easily in a spectrophotometer.

Alcontrol operate a number of Xion 500 Spectrophotometers from their laboratory in Rotherham. These instruments offer a number of significant advantages over the company's previous COD analysis equipment.

In the past, samples would be prepared and digested in open tubes and the resultant liquor would undergo a titration in order to determine the COD value. This process was labour intensive, potentially hazardous and presented opportunity for human error. However, the HACH LANGE cuvettes are delivered containing precise quantities of analytical chemicals. A wide variety of tests are available but each tube is bar-coded to avoid any potential error.

The spectrophotometer automatically recognises each tube and selects the appropriate wavelength (between 340nm and 900nm) for measurement. A 10-fold rotational measurement and automatic control of electronic and optical systems ensure high levels of accuracy and repeatability.

Up to 2,500 results can be stored onboard each instrument, but in Alcontrol's Rotherham laboratory the spectrophotometers are connected directly to the laboratory's LIMS system so that ALcontrol's customers are able to receive their results as quickly as possible.

ALcontrol continuously evaluate other COD products, but as Andrew Timms says " I have tried most of them and in my view nobody does COD as well as HACH LANGE"

The latest news on HACH LANGE's range of laboratory reagents and instruments can be obtained directly from sarah.blayds@hach-lange.co.uk or by subscribing to the company's regular email 'H2O Newsletter' via the web site www.hach-lange.co.uk.

For further information please email HACH LANGE LTD

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