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Hach® is an expert in water analysis solutions for 80+ years. It supplies practical solutions and the latest technology for wastewater, surface water, groundwater, drinking water and process water analysis. Hach provides our customers with class leading innovative made-to-measure analysis solutions all from a single source. With the challenges of the AMP7 new consent limits now with us, Hach can provide and has proven, affordable solutions that are easy to install and to use across multiple sites. Important parameters, such as Phosphorus, Aluminium, Alkalinity, Iron and solids are all covered by Hach be that in process or on the bench. Measure seamlessly from day one with a comprehensive service package covering 2 years and beyond, ensuring maximum up time for your investment. Hach incorporates many market-leading and innovative brands in its group, like Hach, AppliTek, Anatel, Orbisphere, Met One, Polymetron and BioTector. Read more about Hach and how we can help with your AMP7 Phosphorus challenges: https://uk.hach.com/AMP7UK


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Free Laboratory Training Days

A good understanding of the basic principles behind all measurement techniques is essential if laboratory staff are to attain high levels of accuracy and reliability.

For this reason, HACH LANGE, one of the world's leading manufacturers of laboratory testing equipment, has established a series of free training courses.

Initial courses, held at the company's headquarters in Manchester, have focused on pH, conductivity and turbidity, and participant feedback has demonstrated a very high level of satisfaction. Garry Grigg, Analytical Chemist for Chemtura found the course very helpful, commenting, " I was particularly pleased with the content of the course. It was obviously designed to reinforce basic principles whilst providing practical information and tips on how to maximise the performance of our instruments."

The laboratory at Chemtura supports the production and quality control of flame retardant plasticisers and water treatment chemicals.

Dr Geoff King provides training on pH, outlining key principles including the role of the indicator and reference electrodes, the factors affecting choice of electrode, and the affects of chemical composition and electrolytic strength on measurement technique. The preparation or purchase of calibration or buffer solutions is also discussed.

Training includes sessions on conductivity measurement in the laboratory. The relationship between solution resistance and conductance is explained in addition to a description of the factors affecting choice of electrode. Good measurement technique is explained in conjunction with key issues such as the 'cell constant' and polarisation avoidance. Calibration techniques and temperature compensation are also covered for all types of water including ultrapure.

Christian Pust provides training on turbidity measurement covering important subjects such as principles of measurement and the differences between USEPA and ISO Standards. Information is also provided on calibration, the ratio mode and the effects of stray light.

Details on future training courses can be obtained directly from sarah.blayds@hach-lange.co.uk or by subscribing to the company's regular email 'H2O Newsletter' via the web site www.hach-lange.co.uk.

For further information please email HACH LANGE LTD

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