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City Technology Ltd


Specialist in the design, development and manufacture of electrochemical oxygen and toxic gas sensors and catalytic bead (pellistors) for combustible gases, sold to OEMs of portable/fixed safety, flue emissions gas, medical, residential CO and fire detection instruments. We are the global leader in gas sensing technology offering more than 300 different sensors for 28 gas hazards.


Mr Rob White BSc.(Hons.) MPhil.
City Technology Centre
Walton Road

New sensors enhances the MICROceL® range

City Technology announces two new sensors as part of its revolutionary MICROceL® range of miniature gas sensors - an oxygen sensor - MICROceL®OX and a reduced power pellistor - MICROpeL®40.


Building on over 28 years experience in the design and development of gas sensors City have also introduced radical design concepts to produce an oxygen sensor that is 38% smaller than current sensors. This very significant reduction in size is achieved without any loss in performance or lifetime. The sensor has a minimum operating lifetime of 24 months.

MICROceL®OX uses the "industry standard" capillary diffusion barrier so directly measuring the concentration of oxygen in the atmosphere. The sensor also incorporates the innovative IMES (Injection Moulded Electrolyte Seal) mechanism that ensures the highest possible seal integrity is maintained throughout the product life.


By using a new design of pellistor bead the MICROpeL®40 requires 40% less power than conventional pellistors so reducing consumption from over 250mW to less than 155mW. Like the rest of the MICROpeL® range the new sensor is available in 3 versions; the standard MICROpeL®40, the MICROpeL®40C with enhanced poison resistance and the MICROpeL®40M for use in mining applications.

City Technology's complete range of MICROceL® sensors (oxygen, carbon monoxide, hydrogen sulphide and combustible gas sensors) offer OEM instrument designers a truly significant opportunity to reduce the size of future gas detectors. Together the four sensors occupy 70% less volume than the current industry standard 4-Series sized sensors.

What's more, this size reduction has been achieved without any compromise to performance. All the MICROceL® sensors continue to perform to the very exacting demands of industrial safety & hygiene applications across a wide range of environmental conditions. In fact the small size of the sensors improves some of the performance parameters, notably faster response times.

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