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Process Measurement & Analysis Ltd


We market Water Quality Analytical instrumentation Optically, Ultrasonically or via wet chemistry for monitoring of trace metals, TOC, Phosphate, Colour, DOC, UV254, Coagulation Control, Aluminium, Ammonia, PH, Dissolved Oxygen, turbidity, COD, BOD, organics etc


Mr Chris Bristow
Brook Mills House Carr Lane Slaithwaite

West Yorkshire

Submersible Spectrometry From S::CAN

Low cost multi-parameter systems based on spectrometry.

Unbelievable but true: Sophisticated chemical substance concentrations measured accurately with the ease of a thermometer; NO3 / COD / BOD / TOC / FTU / TSS/ COLOUR and many more parameters from one instrument; plug & play connectivity enables accurate reagentless measurements within 2 minutes of unpacking; long term stable factory calibration; almost zero maintenance; and all this at an unbeatable price level.

The G::Series submersible spectrometer from S::CAN liquid monitoring systems, can do all this and much more.

S::CAN introduced the spectro::lyser 5 years ago, the first company to put a spectrometer into a submersible sensor housing. Since then, several thousand of these revolutionary compact instruments have been installed world wide. Proving the capabilities of a high quality UV-Vis spectrometer in an ultra compact and ultra robust housing, supported by user friendly hardware and intuitive software. An efficient automatic self-cleaning system keeps the sensor clean for many months and ensures extreme process stability for applications from industrial waste waters to ultra clean waters.

As a solution for those requiring single or dual channel only monitoring, S::CAN has now taken the time proven concept, and introduced a range of application and parameter focused instruments that are complete plug-play - and-measure systems. The instruments come factory calibrated rarely if ever requiring calibration over it's life-time. Within just 2 minutes from unpacking the first concentration readings are displayed. After easy installation, up to 4 parameters from 1 or 2 sensors are transmitted via 4-20 mA or RS485 to any plant data collection/SCADA system, at measuring intervals of 15 secs and upwards. The spectrometric measurement principle provides accurate and robust results compared to conventional dual or single wavelength optical sensors..

Applications include Waste Water Treatment Plants, industrial process control, sewer monitoring, water treatment works inlet protection and many other processes.

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