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Process Measurement & Analysis Ltd


We market Water Quality Analytical instrumentation Optically, Ultrasonically or via wet chemistry for monitoring of trace metals, TOC, Phosphate, Colour, DOC, UV254, Coagulation Control, Aluminium, Ammonia, PH, Dissolved Oxygen, turbidity, COD, BOD, organics etc


Mr Chris Bristow
Brook Mills House Carr Lane Slaithwaite

West Yorkshire

Sludge problem? Solve it...

Sewper RX Sludge Reduction System - a biosolids solution for the future that can make your plant more efficient, productive and less costly to operate.

The greener way to reduce your sludge handling, transport & landfill costs that will contribute towards better plant odour conditions, improved plant capacity and compliance standards.

Sewper RX is not just another designer bacteria although unique DNA claims of bacillus sp and yeast are what is patented.

The specific blend of minerals, nutrients and organic materials combined to those organisms in the manufacturing process make Sewper RX the very aggressive biosolids neutraliser it is.
Water and CO2 is the only waste product leaving Sewper RX as a free flowing dry powder. Sewper RX has an effective time frame of up to two months duration and requires re-innoculation every sixty days.
A better way to stabilise your plant's performance by reducing electricity cost and sludge build-up. Typically customers using Sewper RX can expect a 77% reduction in sludge transportation expense.

A patented Green Technology that is non-toxic, non-pathogenic mix of minerals, nutrients & organic materials that effectively degrades and all but eliminates organic matter from the sludge process.

A green sewage waste treatment sludge reduction system widely tested in the USA now available in the UK to drastically reduce sludge handling costs.

Is Sewper Rx just another 'Designer Bacteria'?

No, although unique DNA chains of the Bacillus sp and yeast are what is patented, the specific blend of minerals, nutrients and organic materials combined to those organisms in the manufacturing process are what makes Sewper Rx the very aggressive biosolids neutralizer that it is.

Is there a 'waste product' of Sewper Rx?

Yes, water and CO2.

Is there a biomass residue left by Sewper RX?

No, there is no slime or dead biomass buildup.

Is Sewper Rx a solid or a liquid?

It is a free flowing dry powder.

How long will it last?

From 1 to 2 months, with reinoculation required at least every 60 days.

Is there a Material Safety Data Sheet on Sewper Rx?


Is it dangerous to handle?

No, and there are no special handling conditions.

What is the typical dosage used?

The dosage varies depending upon waste concentration/loading. Your Sewper RX representative can provide you with a system survey and dosage schedule.

What is the application environment?

Dissolved Oxygen .5 to 2 mg/l minimum pH 6 to 9

What is the Temperature range?

-5 to 55 degrees C

How is Sewper Rx supplied?

In 50 lb. plastic, sealed pales.

Is there a shelf life?

It is guaranteed for one year on the shelf.

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