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We market Water Quality Analytical instrumentation Optically, Ultrasonically or via wet chemistry for monitoring of trace metals, TOC, Phosphate, Colour, DOC, UV254, Coagulation Control, Aluminium, Ammonia, PH, Dissolved Oxygen, turbidity, COD, BOD, organics etc


Mr Chris Bristow
Brook Mills House Carr Lane Slaithwaite

West Yorkshire

NEW: TD-500D No-Solvent Oil-in-Water Analysis Method

Turner Designs Hydrocarbon Instruments has developed a revolutionary Bench-top method to measure oil-in-water that uses NO-SOLVENT!!! The advantages are significant in that we have eliminated the health and safety hazards of transporting, handling and disposing of solvents commonly used in the field for oil-in-water analysis.

Along with safety, the method eliminates operator error associated with precision liquid measurements during the analysis process. This new method is designed to be compatible with our TD-500D hand held oil-in-water analyzer. It is a robust method using a simple surfactant instead of solvent, with unprecedented accuracy and repeatability.


Measures all oils including the heaviest of crudes to condensates up to 50° API and refined diesel range oil, lube oils, and heavy fuel oils in water

  • Measurement range from below 1ppm to over 10,000ppm without dilution

  • Measures dispersed (free) oil independent of WSO (Water Soluble Organics)

  • Measures WSO independent of dispersed oil

  • Accuracy is independent of salinity and hardness

  • Unaffected by suspended solids

  • Performance independent of process temperature

  • Independent of lag time between sample gathering and analysis

  • Precision sample volume not required

  • No acid required

  • No solvents required, non-flammable, transport on any air carrier

  • Simple procedure

  • Complete analysis in less than 10 min

  • Turner Designs Hydrocarbon Instruments is the worldwide leader in oil-in-water measurement technology with both continuous on-line monitors and bench top oil-in-water analyzer solutions for all markets from explosion proof for offshore oil platforms to precision contamination prevention in ultra-pure water.

    UK Distribution Email: sales@processmeasurement.uk.com

    Complete TD-500D No-Solvent Oil-in-Water Analysis Kit P/N 102872
    Includes all necessary items for up to 100 No-Solvent Analyses (TD-500D not included):

  • Prescription bottles (180ml) with Teflon lined caps

  • Syringes and Syringe Filters for preparing calibration standards or running process samples

  • Two 8mm cuvette holders (one with SMALL APERTURE and one with LARGE APERTURE) for analyzing a wide range of crude oils and concentrations

  • 8mm cuvettes - package of 400

  • TD-500D Special OIW Surfactant (500ml) w/ Quick Reference Guide.
    P/N 102872

    TD-500D No-Solvent Oil-in-Water Analysis Refill Kit P/N 102875
    TD-500D Oil in Water Analysis Kit replacement items for minimum of 100 samples (with spares) includes:

  • Syringes and Syringe Filters (Includes Spares)

  • 8mm Cuvettes - package of 400 (Includes Spares)

  • TD-500D Special OIW Surfactant (500ml) w/ Quick Reference Guide.

  • P/N 102875
    Product Launch Special: Purchase a TD-500D with your No-Solvent Analysis Kit and receive a 10% discount on all items. Offer extended through 31 March 2009!!

    Special TD-500D No-Solvent product launch - purchase a TD-500D with any accessories along with your No solvent Analysis Kit and save 10% on the entire order. Offer good through end of February 2008.

    For further information please email Process Measurement & Analysis Ltd

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