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LESNI The Air Purification People


LESNI design, build and supply turnkey solutions for the purification of industrial waste air, process gas emissions, air pollution control. LESNI extensive range of technologies and services offered, includes front end design studies, emission monitoring, preventive maintenance services, as well as manufacture and supply of air pollution control equipment & purification solutions for general waste exhaust and process air laden with inorganic gases or volatile organic compounds (VOC), and odour emissions. Proven technologies offered includes thermal and catalytic oxidizers, and regenerative thermal oxidizers. Solutions treating toxic inorganic gases, such as ammonia and hydrochloric acid, Hydrogen Cyanide (HCN), Ethylene Oxide (ETO) and ozone depleting gases including Freons (CFC) from frdige and freezers demanufacturing processes. Air pollution control packages includes; wet chemical gas scrubbers, adsorption on activated carbon and recovery of solvents, supply of activated carbon and zeolite filters and adsorbers in fixed and regenerating type systems, thermal and catalytic oxidisers, abatement of Ethylene Oxide from the sterilisation of medical devices, including supply of preconditioning and accelerated degassing cells and/or vacuum degassing chambers.


Mr. Sean Maamari



&quotNew Challenges for Medical Device Manufacturers"

The improved LESNI solution for Abatement of Ethylene Oxide emissions.......

LESNI innovative "EO ABATOR" system continues to deliver safe and reliable "state-of-the-art" equipment to meet the current stringent regulation and impact of EO residuals standards and emission targets for Ethylene Oxide worldwide.

The proven solution uses catalytic conversion to offer a safe and controlled purification, with high destruction efficiency from Ethylene Oxide sterilisation of medical devices processes while treating all fugitive emissions generated by the additional degassing cells and aeration.

The well proven LESNI "balancer/catalytic abator" offers the sort of methodology that should be used to design and optimise the abatement system. The approach to design a unique system with multiple redundant controls and processing steps to stabilise, absorb and purify all emissions with extreme safety and consideration to details associated with the challenges of the sterilisation process.

The catalytic abator itself, where the EO is converted into CO2 and H2O, uses selected but highly active low temperature catalyst. The energy costs are substantially reduced by the incorporation of a recuperative heat exchanger.

The EO abatement system is designed to obtain the purification required by the authorities (depending on the country its currently between 0.5 - 2 mg/m3) with the highest degree of security and efficiency while treating all potential low fugitive air extract as well as high concentrate vents and additional degassing cells.

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