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LESNI design, build and supply turnkey solutions for the purification of industrial waste air, process gas emissions, air pollution control. LESNI extensive range of technologies and services offered, includes front end design studies, emission monitoring, preventive maintenance services, as well as manufacture and supply of air pollution control equipment & purification solutions for general waste exhaust and process air laden with inorganic gases or volatile organic compounds (VOC), and odour emissions. Proven technologies offered includes thermal and catalytic oxidizers, and regenerative thermal oxidizers. Solutions treating toxic inorganic gases, such as ammonia and hydrochloric acid, Hydrogen Cyanide (HCN), Ethylene Oxide (ETO) and ozone depleting gases including Freons (CFC) from frdige and freezers demanufacturing processes. Air pollution control packages includes; wet chemical gas scrubbers, adsorption on activated carbon and recovery of solvents, supply of activated carbon and zeolite filters and adsorbers in fixed and regenerating type systems, thermal and catalytic oxidisers, abatement of Ethylene Oxide from the sterilisation of medical devices, including supply of preconditioning and accelerated degassing cells and/or vacuum degassing chambers.


Mr. Sean Maamari



Coffee roasting - Air purification without the smell

Several food manufacturing and processing facilities have today to seriously implement and put in place best available technology to abate and control emissions specifically odours from waste air exhaust.

Even if people like the smell of fresh coffee, coffee roasting companies have to control smells and other emissions from the manufacturing process, because besides the coffee aroma other volatile substances like, aldehydes, alcohols, phenols, ketones, amines and mercaptans are normally emitted to atmosphere.

Of particular importance in the smell of coffee roasting companies is nitrogen containing compounds (such as amines) as well as sulfur containing compounds (such as mercaptans). A measurement of the raw waste air detects levels near 3 x 105 odour unit, which could be in the region of 10,000 mg/m³ as Total Organic Carbon.

LESNI, a specialist in air purification and pollution control, design and engineers a variety of proven solutions continues to deliver turnkey solutions, for such industry in the form of a compact catalytic abator, which economically operates within auto thermal levels by utilising selective catalytic media to convert odours to harmless and odourless compounds with better than 99.9% efficiency.

Design regularly includes integrated "air to air" recuperative heat exchanger and controls to ensure lowest running cost and increased safety.

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