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Range of geo-environmental, geological and scientific software (off the shelf), covering risk assessment and clean up of contaminated land, groundwater and contaminant transport modelling, mapping, contouring, 3D modelling and visualisation, data graphing and analysis. Includes the complete range from Waterloo Hydrogeologic, Inc - Visual groundwater, Visual Modflow etc. Software is applicable to landfill contaminated land, water quality, marine studies, air quality. Software for mapping, digitising, contouring, visualisation, modelling, graphing, 2D and 3D. Software design and development services, including instrumentation control and interfacing. Supply of FLEXIT borehole survey instrumentation to the UK, Ireland, Spain and Portugal.


Dr James Tweedie
Ralston Business Centre Newtyle Blairgowrie

PH12 8TL

GeoMEM special offer: Surfer 8 at 1987 price until 28th February 2005

GeoMEM celebrates its 20th anniversary in June 2005 and, to mark this auspicious year, is making a number of special offers throughout the year. For the month of February (orders received by Monday 28th) GeoMEM are offering Surfer (software for contouring, mapping, terrain modelling, 3D surfaces) at the 1987 price of £340.00 (plus delivery and VAT). Yes - you did read that correctly: Despite a real price increase (from version 5 to 6) and the effects of inflation we are offering this popular and professional application at a price that is probably 40% less in real terms than it was in 1987 (when it was version 3 for DOS).

Surfer was one of the first "third party" products that GeoMEM added to its software portfolio (in 1987). At the time GeoMEM staff were convinced of Surfers suitability for contouring and 3D surface plotting within an hour of first using it. It took that small amount of time to use it productively. Over the years Surfer has changed enormously but the basic operating principles of versatility, productivity and ease-of-use have remained constant.

Surfer has been, consistently, GeoMEMs single largest selling product every year since 1987. It has applications in many parts of industry, consultancy, research and education - in fact, anywhere people need to process and display XYZ data with or without supplementary map data. The most popular areas of use are in the "earth sciences" with geo-environmental, geological, and archaeological applications making up the largest proportion at present. In many areas it is considered the "unofficial" standard for processing and presenting contoured and surface information.

GeoMEMs Surfer users include:

  • Most of the UK and Irish universities.

  • All UK government geo-environmental, geological and marine research agencies.

  • Many UK, Irish and European geo-environmental consultancies and mining and quarrying companies.

  • Some specialist uses, showing Surfers versatility, include: Display of thermal cross sections of nuclear power vessels, impurity maps of silicon chips (nanometre scale), Half cell values of concrete bridge supports.

    Surfer one-day course: GeoMEM also provides a one-day Surfer training course to help new users get off to the best start with the software. Recent training has included a series of three courses for a total of 18 researchers for the Department of Environment Northern Ireland at Lisburn.

    GeoMEM also offers a 5% discount on any training ordered at the same time as the special offer Surfer. For details about Surfer please visit our Surfer page.

    To find out more about GeoMEM please visit www.geomem.com.

    To take advantage of this very special offer please contact us here (link to EITHER an EDIE form OR email - sfredie@geomem.co.uk - with "February Surfer Offer" as subject) before the 28th of February.

    For further information please contact James Tweedie or Irene Smith at GeoMEM Consultants on +44 (0) 1250 872284 or email.

    For further information please email GeoMEM Consultants

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