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GeoMEM Limited


Range of geo-environmental, geological and scientific software (off the shelf), covering risk assessment and clean up of contaminated land, groundwater and contaminant transport modelling, mapping, contouring, 3D modelling and visualisation, data graphing and analysis. Includes the complete range from Waterloo Hydrogeologic, Inc - Visual groundwater, Visual Modflow etc. Software is applicable to landfill contaminated land, water quality, marine studies, air quality. Software for mapping, digitising, contouring, visualisation, modelling, graphing, 2D and 3D. Software design and development services, including instrumentation control and interfacing. Supply of FLEXIT borehole survey instrumentation to the UK, Ireland, Spain and Portugal.


Dr James Tweedie
Ralston Business Centre Newtyle Blairgowrie

PH12 8TL

GeoMEM - Products added: CertainTechs' SiteGIS for MapInfo and SurfLink; Rockwares' Field Collector and Visual Seismic

For the start of 2006 GeoMEM has added a number of products to its range:

SiteGIS, an application for MapInfo Professional, is designed for analyzing and presenting large amounts of environmental data for soil and groundwater remediation and other projects involving hazardous waste.

SiteGIS is intended for use by professionals who are involved in daily management decisions based on environmental data and is enabling users to utilize data from multiple subcontractors and also helps them standardise the format for receiving data from multiple sites. SiteGIS helps users make timely and cost effective decisions about site characterization and remediation.

SiteGIS provides the complete functionality of a GIS integrated with environmental applications to quickly and efficiently view and analyse chemistry, water levels, soil contaminants and other site information.

Surflink is an application for creating contour maps in either ArcGIS or MapInfo using Surfer (also available from GeoMEM). SurfLink takes you through a series of wizard-like interactive steps in creating a contour map with "cue cards" provided for first time users. Contour lines, Surfer grid data, and colour-filled regions (with corresponding contour values) are exported instantly as ArcMap or MapInfo layers. SurfLink uses the considerable power of Surfer to produce a more cost effective and versatile solution than those provided by the GIS systems themselves. For this reason GeoMEM provide discounted Surfer plus Surflink deals.

Both SiteGIS and Surflink are produced by CertainTech Corp, based in North Virginia, who are environmental consultants of many years experience.

The Rockware Field Collector (RFC) lets you collect borehole log data in the field using a PC or laptop. It is composed of a series of forms designed for easy field collection of soil borehole and groundwater well data in the field using a tablet PC or Laptop. The RFC collection of specialized forms runs in ESRI's ArcPad application, and also links to Rockwares' popular LogPlot program for boring log and well construction diagrams.

RFC Features include:

· Data entry forms for well/borehole information (for the header or footer of your log), lithology, samples, point-data, water measurements, and well construction data.

· Use the hardwired fields built into the program, or easily create your own!

· Type lithology descriptions directly, or use the description builder to minimize typing.

· Data is saved as ESRI Shapefiles, Excel worksheets, and LogPlot DAT files.

GeoMEM offers combined deals on the Field Collector, LogPlot and ArcPad.

RockWare Visual Seismic (RVS) is a PC-based 2D, 3D, 4D seismic & GPR visualization and interpretation system. The volume visualizations meet or exceed those in programs that cost much more. RVS makes it easy to interpret horizons, faults and surfaces in 2D and 3D using auto-detection (multiple seed points) or manual picking tools. It performs depth conversion based on Total Depth curves.

RVS provides unique stratigraphic analysis tools to:

1) Evaluate depositional environment by taking the regional dip out using 3D Volume & 2D line flattening.

2) Generate Sculpted Horizons which are actual 3D objects (not simple 2D surfaces of zero thickness). The advantage of sculpted horizons is the ability to see subtle amplitude changes and changes in the seismic wavelet. Changes observed by the 3D object can be used to model formation properties. Sculpted Horizons built by RockWare Visual Seismic also have the unique ability to overlap vertically so you can easily interpret in reverse fault zones.

GeoMEM also supply the Rockware SEGY Viewer for viewing SEGY and other seismic formats.

For further details, delivery and pricing please contact GeoMEM:
Web site: www.geomem.com and www.geomem.co.uk
Tel: +44 (0)1250 872284 or LoCall (within UK) 0845 644 6284
Fax: +44 1250 873290 or LoCall (within UK) 0845 644 6290
GeoMEM Ltd. 1 High Street, Blairgowrie, Perthshire PH10 6ET, UK.

For further information please email GeoMEM Ltd

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